What are Carpenter Jeans?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Carpenter jeans have a wide waist to accommodate a tool belt.
Carpenter jeans have a wide waist to accommodate a tool belt.

Carpenter jeans are a type of pants that are typically worn by construction workers. These jeans have several pockets and loops for holding hammers, paintbrushes, or other tools. They typically have a relaxed fit so they are easy to move around in. Most pairs are made from denim, but these handyman jeans could also be made out of canvas.

Many people who perform manual labor choose to wear carpenter jeans while they are working because these pants have special pockets and loops, which can keep tools readily available. The pants often have a long narrow pocket on one or both sides that has a slanted opening. A loop is normally found just above this pocket. There are usually two front pockets and two rear pockets. The front pockets may be slightly angled, while the back pockets are straight on top.

Carpenter jeans are normally made from denim and are often tinted indigo blue or stonewashed. Painters often prefer to wear work pants made from white denim, and these are sometimes referred to as painter's pants. The jeans can also be made from canvas, and beige is the most common color of canvas used to make these jeans.

These jeans normally sit at a person's natural waistline. They are relaxed through the hip and thigh area and are somewhat loose around the legs. These jeans come in both men's and women's sizes, and pants designed for women typically have a somewhat narrower waist and more tapered legs than men's jeans.

Carpenter jeans may have rivets along the edges of the pockets to help support the weight of heavy items. The waistband is typically a little wider than a normal pair of jeans. Belt loops are also wider and a little farther apart than other jeans. This is to accommodate wide tool belts that are sometimes worn by construction workers.

When these jeans become dirty, they can be washed in a washing machine on normal cycle. They do not need to be washed separate from other colored clothing unless they have paint or chemicals on them or are extremely soiled. The pants can normally be dried in a clothes dryer without shrinking.

Although these jeans are normally worn as work clothing, many people wear them as casual attire. When doing so, they are often paired with a sweater or polo shirt. This can make carpenter jeans a good investment no matter what the intended use.

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    • Carpenter jeans have a wide waist to accommodate a tool belt.
      By: JGima
      Carpenter jeans have a wide waist to accommodate a tool belt.