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What are Business Credit Card Services?

Angela Marcum
Angela Marcum

Business credit card services are services specifically designed to assist merchants in accepting credit cards or providing businesses with company credit card accounts and related materials. Services that can assist merchants to accept credit card payments may consist of processing transactions or providing the business with appropriate merchant software and other tools to process payments. Business credit card services that supply credit cards often offer terms that differ from those of an individual credit card account.

Providing ATM terminals, wireless processing capabilities, Internet accounts, and various credit card processing machines are some of the business credit card services that may be available. Maintenance of such equipment may or may not be included by all service providers, and the business may or may not incur extra fees. Equipment solutions for large companies may differ from the equipment provided for the small or home-based business.

Personal use of business credit card services is usually prohibited.
Personal use of business credit card services is usually prohibited.

Business credit card services may offer a business particular incentives for utilizing their card or services. This may be in the form of rewards programs, zero balance transfers, and no annual fees. This will depend upon the credit card company that the business has selected, however. Some business credit card services may couple merchant account services, such as processing of payments, in collaboration with issuing a company card. Some businesses may not be eligible for all of these features.

To obtain a business credit card or take advantage of merchant account services, a business must first apply. Information regarding the type and classification of the business may be required, as well as on persons who will be authorized to use the credit card and other services. The type of services available to the business may be based on how the organization is classified. Presuming that the request for an account is approved, the business will then sign a contract with the company providing the business credit card services.

The terms and conditions that apply to the credit card and any other applicable services should be able to be found in the contract. Personal use of business credit card services is usually prohibited, as they are meant for the benefit of the company. Home- and family-based companies are usually eligible for some business credit card services, but some limitations may apply. Services can be provided from a multitude of sources, including the bank in which the company has accounts or with companies that specialize in business or merchant accounts.

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    • Personal use of business credit card services is usually prohibited.
      By: tarte1987
      Personal use of business credit card services is usually prohibited.