What are Boot Cut Jeans?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier
Boot cut jeans are commonly seen as a fashion statement today.
Boot cut jeans are commonly seen as a fashion statement today.

Blue jeans are a type of cottony fabric worn on the lower body. While they were originally utilized as rugged work apparel, modern blue jeans come in many brands and varieties and are often viewed as a fashion statement. Boot cut jeans are one of several styles of blue jeans. Originally used as an accessory to boots, the main feature of most boot cut jeans is a widening of the lower legs. Alternatives to this style include skinny jeans and straight-legged jeans.

Boot cut jeans have many of the same features as other jean varieties. Denim, a cotton-based fabric, comprises the greater part of the jeans. Durable thread helps hold the jeans together. Small metal fasteners called rivets help strengthen strain-heavy areas like pockets. Like most of its counterparts, the boot cut jean also comes in different styles and colors. For example, designs may be sewn into the backside or legs, or the jeans may be washed and manufactured in a way that creates a desired aesthetic effect.

The guiding difference between these jeans and other styles is the lower leg structure. While traditional jeans are fitted to lay against or close to the lower leg and ankle area, the lower legs of boot cut jeans create space between the pants leg and the actual leg. This is also known as a flared legs style because the pants flare away from the leg. Although widening typically begins at the knee or lower, some men’s styles of boot cut jeans will begin to widen at the hips.

Boot cut jeans derive their name from their original use. In certain cultural regions, boots are the preferred footwear, but individuals may find it difficult to fit a traditional jean leg around a boot. Such a task either requires stretching the lower pants leg to fit over the boot or stuffing it into the boot. Boot cut jeans eliminate this hassle by allowing the the boot to slide underneath the jeans.

Any individuals who wear bulky shoes may find boot cut jeans convenient. The trend may have actually begun with sailors, who must often use heavy boots. Some may also view the flare style as fashionable. As a result, many leading jeans manufacturers now offer boot cut style trousers. A related style of jeans, bell-bottoms, that featured extremely widened legs from the knees to the ankles became popular in some regions in the 1970s. Hip-huggers, which consisted of a wide leg bottom and a tight fit for the upper legs and hips, have also existed as a fashion trend.

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    • Boot cut jeans are commonly seen as a fashion statement today.
      By: chiyacat
      Boot cut jeans are commonly seen as a fashion statement today.