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What are Boot Camp Exercises?

Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond

Boot camp exercises are similar to those performed by military recruits to get into shape quickly. This method of exercising is characterized by moving swiftly from one activity to the next without stopping. The exercises may include jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and running an obstacle course.

Before starting to do boot camp exercises, it's important to go through a brief warm-up. Taking five or ten minutes to get the muscles ready to work will help to lower the risk of injury. This step also helps to prepare the heart for the hard work that is coming up. Marching or walking in place can help to prepare the participant for the next phase.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Boot camp exercises are a good way for someone to shed fat relatively quickly. This type of workout is meant to be performed quickly and at a high level of intensity. An advantage to choosing something that is similar to a Navy SEAL workout is that it doesn't take long. People who complain that exercise is too time-consuming and can't fit into a person's schedule will be hard-pressed to continue using that excuse, since boot camp exercises can be completed within a matter of a few minutes.

This type of cardio exercise tones muscles quickly and helps to increase general fitness levels. People who have become bored with other forms of exercise may find performing calisthenics to be a better choice. Since this is a very fast-paced workout, it's less likely the participants will lose interest.

The intense physical activity performed as part of a boot camp exercise routine burns calories relatively quickly. The participants may not enjoy the workout, but they do appreciate the results achieved by pushing themselves. This type of workout is also a good choice for people who have already achieved a certain level of fitness and want to take on new challenges.

People who are not used to being physically active should probably wait until they have improved their overall fitness levels before attempting boot camp exercises, as the intensity of the workout may be too much for them. Individuals who are recovering from an injury should probably choose another fitness method until they have completely healed.

Since the potential for injury is relatively high for those participating in boot camp exercises, participants should consider whether they are ready for this type of experience before proceeding. If possible, they should learn something about the instructor to discover whether they are properly trained and how much experience they have in leading classes. A person who finds being yelled at while trying to perform activities distracting is probably not a good candidate for this type of workout.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising