What are Battery Operated Candles?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

The gorgeous glow of candles can lend ambiance to many settings, but open flames have inherent safety concerns. Forgetting to blow out candles when leaving a house is an invitation to fire and placing lit candles near curious pets or young children can risk injury. For these reasons, there are numerous people who have turned to battery operated candles, which may also be called flameless candles.

Some candles may be operated by batteries.
Some candles may be operated by batteries.

Battery operated candles can look very similar to traditional wick candles, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Pillars and votives, round candles that are tall or short respectively, are common. Shoppers can also find battery operated candles in taper shapes and in some unusual shapes that lean toward the decorative. Square or curvy candles of numerous types are available.

These candles truly are good substitutes for the traditional flame candle. In most cases the candle appears to exhibit a soft glow. Some battery operated candles, especially those made many years ago, featured a small flame shaped light bulb on the end of the candle. This would light up when the candle was turned on. The glow produced wasn’t as muted or golden as that made by traditional types of candles, and people tend to purchase battery operated candles today that are more subtly lit from within.

Another convincing aspect of some of these candles is that they may have a wax exterior, and may even flicker like a real candle. Except for missing the wick flame, they are very similar in appearance to real candles. Inside the candle, and usually accessible from the bottom, is a method for changing the battery.

Though people who love these candles may not need to replace candles often, as they would if they purchased standard wax candles, they do need to replace batteries. Each candle varies on what type of batteries it requires and how long these will last. Those who use candles in lots of places in the home for extended periods of time might want to consider purchasing rechargeable batteries and a charger. Electronics stores sell many of these.

There are numerous ways to use battery operated candles in the home. Large pillars are the perfect decoration for unused fireplaces, and candles of other types and shapes can be beautiful on wall-mounted candleholders. Fill the bathroom with luxurious light for long baths, or dress up a bedroom with softly lit battery operated candles. Dinner tables can be made elegant with long tapers that exhibit glowing light, and there’s no worry if a guest accidentally knocks over a candle.

Shop for battery operated candles in candle stores. They may be available at places like department stores and hardware stores too. The greatest selection is usually available online.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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