What Are Bath Salt Balls?

Lainie Petersen

Bath salt balls are a bath accessory made from salt, fragrance and, in some cases, other ingredients. The ingredients are blended and then packed into ball-shaped molds. After drying, individuals can drop the bath salt balls into a tub of water where they dissolve quickly, softening, scenting and perhaps even coloring the water. Like many other types of scented bath products, bath salt balls can make bathing a very relaxing and luxurious experience.

Bath salts, which are available in a compressed ball, make baths more relaxing.
Bath salts, which are available in a compressed ball, make baths more relaxing.

One type of bath salt ball type is actually better known as a “bath bomb” or a “bath fizzy.” These bath products incorporate bath salts into a recipe that typically also includes citric acid and baking soda. When a bath bomb or fizzy is dropped into water, it produces an effervescent effect. Many people enjoy the visual display as well as the sensation of the bubbles produced by the bath salt balls.

Bath salt balls are made from salt and fragrance.
Bath salt balls are made from salt and fragrance.

Commercial bath fizzies come in all shapes and sizes, although the bath ball shape is quite popular. Other ingredients used in their manufacture may include fragrance oils, herbs or even flower petals. Some manufacturers even use glitter to create a particularly stunning effect in the bathwater. Some of these products may also include moisturizing ingredients that can help protect and soften the skin while bathing.

A bath salt ball, or bath bomb, may come in the shape of a sphere.
A bath salt ball, or bath bomb, may come in the shape of a sphere.

Another type of bath salt ball is made from salt, fragrance, oil and water. Like bath bombs, these ingredients are packed into molds and then allowed to dry. Unlike bath bombs or fizzies, however, they are made up almost entirely of bath salts and do not produce effervescence when added to water. These may be more suitable for those who appreciate the effects of bath salts and are uninterested in the more dramatic display offered by bath bombs.

It's possible to purchase bath salt balls in many shops that sell personal care and bath products. In addition, it is fairly easy and inexpensive to make them at home. Making one's own bath salt balls offers two advantages: the first is that homemade bath products are typically significantly less expensive than those sold in stores. The second advantage is that by making the balls at home, individuals can control the ingredients used to prepare them, allowing the maker to avoid including ingredients that may trigger sensitivities or allergies in users. Those who do wish to try making bath salt balls at home can usually find information on the process online and can even by kits that contain a mold as well as other necessary ingredients.

Bath salt balls may be included in a gift basket.
Bath salt balls may be included in a gift basket.

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@orangey03 – I've never tried fizzies. I like a more relaxing experience that will get me ready to go to sleep, so I stick with the bath salt balls that are either lavender or vanilla scented for relaxation.

I also like the ones that contain flower petals. There's something very soothing about seeing them floating on top of the water while I relax. It almost makes me feel like I'm in a lake where petals and leaves have been blown into the water by the wind.


I love using bath fizzies. They make me feel like the tub is full of carbonated soda!

Scent is very important to me, too. It's a big part of the whole experience.

I really love orange scented bath fizzies. The bubbles and the citrus smell combine to perk my senses up. It's a good way to boost my energy level if I'm planning on going out later.


I guess you have to use a bath salt ball mold if you are going to try to make your own. How else could you get them to hold their shape?

I like the bath salts that are in the shape of flowers. That is one shape that would be impossible for me to make without a mold.


My friend gave me some homemade bath salt balls for Christmas. She used Epsom salts and peppermint oil to make them.

They are really pretty, too. They are light blue and white swirled, so they look like they are made to use in winter.

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