What are Anklet Socks?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Anklet socks, also referred to as ankle socks or sport socks, are short socks that are designed to cover just the feet. These socks typically end just below the ankle, and are not intended to extend up above the shoe. However, some anklet socks extend slightly above the ankle, and may be folded down; it depends on the manufacturer's definition. Ankle socks are designed in different thicknesses and colors for different tastes and purposes.

Anklet socks designed for sports use are typically thicker than other types of socks. They may have a reinforced heel and toe to withstand more wear. In addition, the area directly behind the ankle may have a little extra padding, to prevent sneakers from rubbing the ankle and creating a blister. Sport socks generally come in plainer colors such as white, gray, and black.

Another common type of anklet socks are those designed for fashion use. Many people wear anklet socks so that the socks remain hidden in the shoes, so these types of socks are generally designed to be thin. That way, they can be comfortably worn with dress shoes, which tend to be fairly tight.

Ankle socks typically come in darker colors, including black, brown, and navy blue, as well as flesh-toned colors to make them less noticeable in shoes with a more open design that show more of the foot. Anklet socks are available in any pattern or color, however, to suit any taste. Novelty socks are popular as well, which might show a cartoon character or holiday theme.

If warmer, taller socks are desired, as would be worn under boots, anklet socks are probably not the best bet. Crew socks or quarter length socks might be a better alternative, as they tend to reach over the ankle to the the mid-calf. Stockings or tights are another option to be worn inside open shoes, and they come in varying lengths as well. Another option is "footie" socks, which are generally designed to cover just the bottoms of the feet, toes, and heel, and generally do not cover the top of the feet at all.

Anklet socks are fairly inexpensive and may be purchased singly, or often in a value pack. They are available for men, women, children, and babies. Socks can be found in virtually any clothing, department, or discount store, or specific novelty socks may be purchased online. Socks are typically sold to fit a range of shoe sizes, rather than one specific size, so they are fairly easy to purchase online.

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It sure isn't hard to find a variety of kids anklet socks. They even have a lot of choices for infants for this style of sock.

We seem to go through a lot of socks at my house. My girls never want a plain pair of white socks, but always want anklet socks with a design or character on them.

Because anklet socks are so small, it seems like it is easy for one of them to be missing. It would be much easier if they were all the same color and style, but that is not the case for us.

We have anklet socks in many bright colors and ranging from princess characters, to butterflies and polka dots.


The most common color of anklet socks I have found is white. While I like the look of white socks, I have a hard time keeping them looking white and clean.

Because of this, my first choice is to wear darker colors of anklet socks, like black. This doesn't always look good if I have on white shoes though, so I keep both colors around.

Thankfully they aren't very expensive to buy, since I like to make sure my white socks look white instead of gray.

It seems like after wearing them for only a few times, they never look the same as they did when I first took them out of the package.


I have found the best anklet socks to be those that have a little bit of extra padding at the ankle and reinforcement at the toes.

There is nothing worse than getting a blister when the side of your shoes rubs against your skin.

I run several miles a week, so am pretty hard on my socks and shoes. I always buy these in packs where you get several at a time.

That way if one sock wears out or gets lost, I can always match it up with another one from the same package.

It's not hard to find a good selection of women's anklet socks just about anywhere you go. There seem to be many more choices available for these than there are crew socks anymore.


When I was a young girl, my sister and I would always wear anklet socks with a ruffle around them when we went to church or dressed up.

These anklet socks were often white, but some of them also came in light pastel colors. I always loved wearing these dressy little socks - especially the little ruffle that went all the way around them.

I still like to dress up and wear ruffles, but I haven't seen any anklet socks like this for a long time.

Most of what I see today are the sport socks that people wear with athletic shoes. I think the anklet socks look much better with sneakers than long athletic socks do. They are also much cooler in the summer time.


My little niece and nephew love wearing novelty anklet socks. They have several pair featuring either cartoon characters or things like butterflies and cars.

These are the kind of anklet socks that come up just above the ankle, so they can be seen even when paired with sneakers. My niece likes to wear dress shoes that show off even more of the socks, and my nephew sticks with low-rise tennis shoes so that his socks can be seen.

I have even seen some adults wearing novelty socks like these. I think it would take a brave person to sport such socks, though.


@seag47 – I had been having the same problem as you with dress socks. They kept sliding down, and I would have to tug at them several times throughout the day.

I decided to try some nylon anklet socks. I often wear these shoes that come to my ankle all the way around, and these socks could hide inside the shoe, making it look like I wasn't wearing any.

I was amazed at how well they held up throughout the day. I never once had to pull them up, and this made walking in the dress shoes so much more comfortable.


My concern with women's anklet socks was that they seemed like they would be uncomfortable. They looked like they would slip down into the shoe and disappear.

I do a lot of walking, and I had been having problems with my crew socks sliding down. Also, they wore out in the heel area rather quickly, and I had several socks with holes in them that had to be thrown away.

I decided to try anklet socks after I saw a package of them on sale. The label said that the heels and backs were reinforced, and the elastic should keep them from slipping down.

I was very impressed after my first long walk in anklet socks. They protected my feet from rubbing against my shoes, and they did not try to slide down into my shoes at all. Now, this is the only type of sock I will wear.


My mom always wore cotton anklet socks, and I thought they were so ugly. I was used to wearing tall socks that could be scrunched or folded down, and it just seemed unnatural for me to wear short socks like hers.

I had a friend tell me just a few years ago that my crew socks were really uncool. She said that anklet socks would look much better with sneakers, and I should make the switch.

I had noticed that almost everyone I saw walking around in sneakers had anklet socks on with them. I decided to give them a try, and my friend was right. They did look much better when I wore shorts and sneakers.

So, it seems my mom was actually the cool one after all. I never would have thought that I would be following her example in fashion, but it happened that way.


I really resisted the anklet socks when they first started to get fashionable. I liked to wear crew socks and cuff them, and I thought the anklet socks looked silly. (I'm talking about mostly going around in the summer wearing shorts and sneakers, like on a day when I was doing a lot of walking.)

But then I realized that the cuffed socks were making my already-short legs look even shorter! Oops. Once I switched, I looked a little silly for the rest of that season because of course I had a tan line a few inches up my calf! But once that evened out, my legs looked a little less stumpy.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip