What are Animated Cards?

B. Miller

Animated cards are greeting cards that are sent via e-mail. You might also see them referred to as online cards, e-cards or animated greeting cards. They are becoming more and more popular over time, due to their simplicity and convenience.

There are animated cards available for every holiday and occasion imaginable.
There are animated cards available for every holiday and occasion imaginable.

Animated cards are often free, though some do have a small fee associated with them. Some websites offer a subscription service that allows you to send an unlimited number of free greeting cards, provided you pay a monthly fee. Others have a suggested donation. The low price and ease of use are two of the things that make animated greeting cards so popular.

There are animated cards available for every holiday and occasion imaginable. You might send all your holiday cards via e-mail, or send a card for a new baby or a graduation. Some feel that animated cards are not as personal as a handwritten and mailed card, but for those short on time or money, or with a long list of friends and family to receive cards, they are easy and inexpensive.

Animated cards are, naturally, animated, usually designed with a cartoon-ish feel, although some use photographs. Most also play music when they are opened. There are many different designs, however, and you are sure to find one that suits your tastes.

Some also use animated e-cards for thank-you notes and wedding invitations, though this is less frequent. More often, a couple will mail out a traditional wedding invitation, then send out an e-card wedding announcement to distant friends and family. This allows the couple to save more money on postage and photograph printing costs.

Some websites will allow users to design their own e-cards. You will be able to choose a picture or upload a photograph of your own, select an animation, and choose the music. You can then write your own text or select text that has been written already. In this way you can add a more personal touch to the animated cards. For example, you might upload a photo of the new graduate, a new baby or an anniversary photo.

As more and more people communicate via technology such as text messaging, social networking and e-mail, e-cards are the logical next step. Family members and friends will be happy to receive a greeting card, knowing that you took some time out of your day to think about them. Animated greeting cards will save time and money and allow you to better keep in touch with relatives and friends.

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