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What Are Active Stocks?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Active stocks are stocks that are currently experiencing a high amount of trading or activity, and this often occurs for a variety of reasons. When the stock market reports on stocks, it normally only reports on the most active stocks, because the majority of investors will be more interested in these compared to less-active stocks. They are traded so actively that the companies attached to the stocks typically experience a lot of outstanding shares. While these stocks often become some of the highest priced or the most valuable, this is not guaranteed. Some reasons for regular stocks to become active include news of heavily anticipated products, a long history with investors or a tender offer.

The stock market, and many financial news publications and broadcasts, report on certain stocks and how the market did during the day. While any stock can be discussed, these entities are generally more concerned with active stocks. This is usually because their high trading traffic means more investors will typically be interested in these shares. Investors who are currently not aware of the most active stocks may want to hear about them, in case they can help those investors get better returns.

Man climbing a rope
Man climbing a rope

When a company has active stocks, it typically has many outstanding shares. This refers to the total amount of shares that are held by businesses, investors and the public, but not those held within the company. While this is used for many formulas, measurements and metrics, it often does not have any bad side effects and is usually a good thing because the business is getting a high amount of income from investors.

The high amount of trading with active stocks means they typically end up being some of the most expensive and valuable stocks in the stock market. Unlike the amount of outstanding shares, which is usually guaranteed, the price may actually be very low for active stocks. All that is required for shares to be active is a lot of trading activity, not a high price.

There are many reasons why regular stocks may become active. For example, if a company known for making popular products announces a new item, then this will typically increase investors’ interest in buying the company’s stock. Another common reason is a tender offer. This is when one company wants to take over another, so it contacts shareholders and investors and offers a bonus price for the stocks, such as a 10 percent increase from the common selling price.

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    • Man climbing a rope
      Man climbing a rope