Should my Child Attend High School Summer School?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

While many parents tend to think that high school children should make use of the summer in other ways, there are some very compelling reasons to consider enrollment in a high school summer school program. Many of the reasons are aimed at making a difference in the academic life of your child over the long term, but some of them are connected with helping your child continue to develop his or social skills. Here are some of the reasons why attending a summer high school program may be beneficial for your child.

Summer classes allow high school students to earn extra credits or prepare for college.
Summer classes allow high school students to earn extra credits or prepare for college.

Often, people tend to think of summer school as being for kids who failed to do well in a given course in a previous term. In fact, that is one of the functions of any high school summer school program. In the event your child had low grades on a given subject, summer classes can be a great way to earn a second chance to improve that grade. In some jurisdictions, a higher grade at summer school will replace the lower grade earned in a regular term altogether. This can improve the overall grade point average and possibly allow your child to get into a better college someday.

However, high school summer school is not all about remedial work. Often, summer courses are offered that allow the student to earn extra credits that help make the following school year easier to manage. This can be especially important if your child plans to participate is some sort of school-sponsored work program. By taking courses at summer school, your child can still pursue classes that are aimed at preparing him or her for college. In fact, some colleges may even award some credit for those summer courses, which will be a big help to your child when he or she begins college.

High school summer school also has a social component that may be very helpful. Children who tend to be shy and are much more likely to keep to themselves during the summer months will find that summer school creates a secure environment where it is easier to socialize with their peers. Since the students who attend summer school tend to have specific reasons for being there, there is a good chance your son or daughter can find at least a few people who have goals similar to his or her own. This connection can lay the groundwork for friendships that help to draw your child out of his or her shell and allow them to develop more of a social life.

While high school summer school is not right for every teenager, it is an option that every parent or caregiver should consider. Speak with a school counselor about the particulars of the local summer school program. If you find one or more elements that would be beneficial for your child, talk with him or her seriously about attending the program. You may find that summer school proves to be a turning point in your child’s life.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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