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How Effective Is Homeopathy for Hives?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Using homeopathy for hives is most likely an ineffective treatment because the medicine does not follow well-established rules of science. Most studies of homeopathic remedies show that they are not an effective treatment for any illness or condition. The occasional observational and anecdotal study indicates that homeopathy could be beneficial under some circumstances, however. For the most effective treatment for hives, people should consider taking antihistamines or contacting a doctor if the hives seem severe. Homeopathy for hives is not recommended because more research is needed to find out if and how it works.

Studies that show that homeopathy remedies are effective treatments are usually observational or anecdotal. These studies are not as trustworthy as controlled studies because there is plenty of room for error. Observational and anecdotal studies rely on peoples’ observational skills and memory, both of which are often unreliable and biased. For example, an anecdotal study might involve a participant saying he or she improved after taking a remedy and therefore homeopathy for hives works. In reality, that person’s hives may have been improving anyway, because they usually do not last for long.


Some experts agree that homeopathy for hives and other conditions might be effective under certain circumstances. One aspect of homeopathy that could be very beneficial is the interaction between a practitioner of homeopathy and homeopathy patients. A homeopathy practitioner might be able to ease a person’s ailments with a placebo effect. In addition, he or she sometimes directs a patient to a physician when the problem requires modern medicine.

People suffering from hives are usually advised to take an over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine. Severe hives can be the result of a life-threatening allergic reaction, however, and emergency medical services may need to be called. Using homeopathy for hives in a dire situation can be dangerous due to its unreliability. Hives normally disappear within minutes to hours. If they last for more than a couple weeks, it is generally advisable to see a doctor about the potential cause and solution.

Many studies on homeopathy conclude by saying that more research is needed for the findings to be conclusive. As scientists learn more about homeopathy, it may one day become a reliable medicine. Until then, it is risky to use homeopathy instead of visiting a primary care physician. If a person has severe hives, contacting a medical professional at a hospital could save his or her life.

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