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How Effective Are Cellulite Workouts?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Cellulite is made up of fat that appears just underneath the skin’s surface. This skin condition is common in both men and women, and is not exclusive to overweight individuals. There are different types of workouts that promise a reduction in cellulite over time. The appearance of cellulite might be diminished from working out, but there is no cure for cellulite. No cellulite workouts will completely remove the dimples from the body.

Fat below the skin is a natural occurrence. Collagen fibers connect between the skin and the fat below, and cellulite occurs when these fibers break. As a result, the fat surfaces to the skin with a dimpled appearance. Although anyone can get cellulite, the risk increases in sedentary individuals.

Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to prevent and reduce cellulite.
Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to prevent and reduce cellulite.

Certain areas of the body seem to be more prone to cellulite, including the thighs, buttocks, chest, and inner arms. The skin in such areas is generally thinner than other parts of the body, placing collagen fibers at a greater risk of tearing. Cellulite can, however, occur in any part of the body.

Regular workouts increase both muscle mass and blood circulation, which directly affect the risk of cellulite accumulation. For example, leg exercises can help to build muscles in the glutes and thighs, two areas that are especially prone to cellulite. The risk of cellulite development decreases as the skin may be thick enough to prevent the tear of collagen fibers.

Other products are sometimes recommended in conjunction with cellulite workouts, including skin creams and gels that promise to remove cellulite. An individual might experience a decrease in dimpling, but the cellulite itself will not be removed. Even avid exercisers can develop cellulite, especially if the condition runs in their families.

Once an individual has cellulite, it is impossible to remove. The availability of cellulite workouts on the market is increasingly advertised as a way to remove the skin dimples in the form of home workouts as well as exercise classes at gyms and health clubs. Working out helps to build muscles and tightens the skin which can diminish the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite workouts will not, however, remove preexisting cellulite.

The role of exercise in cellulite is not clear-cut. Working out increases the strength of the muscles and may prevent tearing of collagen fibers underneath the skin. Once the fibers are torn, they cannot be reconciled, however, meaning that the resulting cellulite on the body is permanent. Cellulite workouts that include regular aerobic activity and strength training exercises can help to prevent the skin condition from occurring in the first place.

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    • Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to prevent and reduce cellulite.
      By: Valentina R.
      Regular cardiovascular exercise is one way to prevent and reduce cellulite.