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How do I Write an Accounting Cover Letter?

Kaiser Castro
Kaiser Castro

Most accounting firms will ask for a cover letter with a resume. Creating an accounting cover letter requires extensive research on the accounting firm to create a relevant, comprehensive cover letter. To write a cover letter, you will need the company’s objective, the career description, relevant educational and career background, and your favorite word processor.

Update your resume or write one if you don’t have one already. You can improve your chances of landing the job at the prospective accounting firm by tailoring your resume for that specific job. Writing and proofreading the resume will also help you obtain ideas and concepts that you can include in your accounting cover letter. Employers will comprehensively look over your resume and cover letter, so it is integral that these documents support each other.

An accountant at his desk.
An accountant at his desk.

Do extensive research on the accounting firm. Locate the company objectives on the company’s website and jot down a few career, educational, and life experiences that are tailored to the company’s objective. Take note of the company’s objective and showcase how you can be an asset to this objective in your accounting cover letter. This will show that you are competent and aware of the overall requirements of the accounting firm.

Read the job description and incorporate that into the cover letter. The job description can usually be found on the actual job posting. In the accounting cover letter, make a note as to how you, as an employee, can fulfill the requirements put forth by the job description. Make sure to support your point by highlighting professional career endeavors that will help you fulfill this job. This is a good time to expand on key experiences on your resume.

Once you’ve done your research and gathered information about the company, open up your word processor. In total, your letter should be around three to four paragraphs. State the position that you are applying for in the first paragraph, and incorporate how career, educational, and life experiences relate to this position. Also include information about any internship at accounting firms, as well as any relevant career endeavors.

For the last two to three paragraphs in the accounting cover letter, outline career qualifications and how you can improve the outlook of the company. This is the chance to include information that you’ve gathered about the job description. Make sure to comprehensively point out how your educational and career choices has enabled you to be a good fit for the position.

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    • An accountant at his desk.
      By: auremar
      An accountant at his desk.