How do I Write a Management Term Paper?

Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Woman standing behind a stack of books
Woman standing behind a stack of books

The first step in writing a management term paper is getting an approved topic as the focus of the research and writing. Next conduct research on the topic, which usually is a question or problem posed about a specific area of management science or practice. Results of the research should yield an answer to the problem posed based on evidence and documented with references to works reviewed. The final step is to develop a paper with an introduction, body and conclusion stating the problem, explaining the results of the research and establishing a conclusion. All of this written work must be produced in the particular style required by instructor assigning the paper and should be both readable and accurate in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

A management term paper varies in length with each instructor but in general is 10 to 20 pages long. Unlike a dissertation or thesis, a term paper can summarize existing knowledge on a topic and does not necessarily have to add to the body of knowledge based on original research. Choosing a topic is therefore a key step as the work required will flow from that choice.

Management is both science and practice and applies to almost every endeavor in which one person directs the work of others. The first step prior to writing is to choose the type of management to be studied — theoretical or applied — then choose a particular field of management to research such as personnel, organizational or work flow management. From this narrowed field conduct initial research to determine a question or problem to investigate and have that topic approved by the instructor.

Using the approved topic as a starting point, review all available material on the subject. The Internet is a good place to start to get familiar with both the topic and the resources available to research it. Local libraries will yield many resources as well. Carefully review these research materials and make notes on particular items that relate to the topic. These notes will form the bulk of evidence documented in writing the management term paper and should be developed with a view to properly citing sources in the paper.

The completed research will be the foundation of the management term paper. Begin writing with an introduction that states the problem to be solved in the paper. Follow this with the body of the paper, which explains the research completed and relates those findings to the topic. The final writing in a management term paper is the conclusion in which the writer answers the question in the introduction based on evidence from research. Cited works will be referenced either in footnotes or end notes, according to the correct style.

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    • Woman standing behind a stack of books
      Woman standing behind a stack of books