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How Do I Use Keratin for Straight Hair?

Donna Tinus
Donna Tinus

Many women with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair would like to have silky, straight hair. This can be accomplished in a few ways, including the use of hot hair irons and Asian or Brazilian keratin hair straighteners. Various brands and types of keratin hair straightening treatments can be applied in a salon by a professional. An application of keratin for straight hair is also easily accomplished at home with good results. Each package of home hair straightener should come with instructions, which should be followed closely, but most of them use the same general steps for straight hair.

A good quality do-it-yourself treatment using keratin for straight hair can be found in most beauty supply stores. Many women prefer straight hair treatments manufactured in Brazil, where it was discovered that keratin protein can attach itself to the hair shaft and produce soft, silky hair. Consumers should check the label for ingredients and purchase one that is labeled free of formaldehyde, a dangerous substance that emits toxic fumes and can cause eye, throat, or lung irritation when inhaled.

A woman with straight hair.
A woman with straight hair.

The keratin for straight hair treatment starts out with a shampoo before hair is blow dried. The chemical straightener is poured into a bottle with an applicator cap, such as the type used to apply hair dye. Users pour the chemical evenly onto the hair, taking care to avoid the scalp. Combing the hair will ensure the cream is evenly applied to all the hair shafts. All the strands of hair should be covered, but not saturated, which could cause a greasy look until the next shampoo.

Keratin hair treatments are available in many hair salons.
Keratin hair treatments are available in many hair salons.

The product is left on the hair for the amount of time indicated on the keratin for straight hair packaging, usually around 20 minutes. It is not rinsed out, but rather blow dried until the hair is completely dry. At this point in the process, the desired results are not yet visible. The hair is then pressed in a hot iron, following the recommended temperature on the packaging. This results in silky straight hair that will last for a few months without having to use the hot iron again. The hair should not be washed for about three days, then shampooed about every few days.

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    • A woman with straight hair.
      By: Ariwasabi
      A woman with straight hair.
    • Keratin hair treatments are available in many hair salons.
      By: gemenacom
      Keratin hair treatments are available in many hair salons.