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How do I Strengthen a Nurse Resume?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A nurse resume is a document that nurses show to potential employers when they are seeking new work. This kind of resume typically shows a nurse's strengths, experience, and education. In order to strengthen a nurse resume, you should consider how the information on your resume portrays you as a professional. It can also be important to consider the order in which the information is recorded. Finally, many nursing career experts believe that it is useful to alter a resume to match the needs of desired jobs.

A nurse resume should inform a potential employer about your skills and personality. In order to strengthen your resume in this sense, it can be helpful to list experiences and educational opportunities you have had that show proficiency or mastery of particular skills. Nurses are often expected to have caring personalities that allow them to empathize with patients and the friends and family members of patients. These traits can best be demonstrated on a resume through the inclusion of relevant job experience, as well as through the inclusion of personal details, such as volunteer and charity work.

A resume.
A resume.

Nursing career experts suggest that the information on a nurse resume be organized in a thoughtful way. Information that is most relevant to the job you're applying for should be ordered at the top, while peripheral information can go at the bottom of the resume. Normally, a list of duties should be included beneath each inclusion of professional experience. For example, a nurse who worked in a health clinic might type the name of the clinic and the years in which he or she served at that clinic. Beneath this header, he or she might include a list of duties performed at the clinic.

It is traditional to include some other types of information on a nurse resume. At minimum, these usually include education level and any certifications or specialties held. After sections on work experience and education, you may also want to include personal details that could increase chances of getting the job; these could include volunteer work, professional organization memberships, computer skills, and any foreign language fluency.

Because different nursing jobs often require different skills and experience, career specialists often recommend that job seekers design their resumes to meet the needs of the job being applied for. This could be done by including certain duties and experiences at the top of one resume then replacing those duties with another set of experiences in a nurse resume for a different position. In order to strengthen a nurse resume for a particular position, it might be necessary to research the methods and practices preferred by that particular health institution and skills required for the position being applied for.

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    • A resume.
      By: NAN
      A resume.