How Do I Start a Career in KPO?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

A knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) business is a service contracted by client businesses that need business intelligence or analysis. For example, if a lawyer needs to collect data to compose a contract, he or she can outsource data research and analysis to a KPO company. To start a career in KPO, your first step should be to get a college education in a field such as business or information technology (IT). KPO businesses often operate in specialized industries, such as legal data, IT support, or business intelligence, so as you study for your degree, you should learn which kind of career in KPO you would like.

Regardless of the kind of academic degree you choose to pursue, there are some skills that any professional who wants a career in KPO should have. For example, most professionals in this field should have excellent speaking and writing abilities, especially in English. Many companies that contract KPO businesses are based in regions that do most of their business in this language. It also is important that you are at least somewhat comfortable with computers and are able to read and analyze data and generate reports based on your analysis. Keep in mind that the nature of the data you read and report is dependent on the kind of KPO company for which you work.

While it is not necessary to earn an advanced degree to start a career in KPO, a master's or even doctorate degree can certainly provide you with more career options. It is also common for individuals who are highly educated to earn more at the beginnings of their careers than those who have minimal formal training. Individuals interested in moving up the ranks may want to engage in continuing education as they work; this way they can continue to earn certifications and gain skills.

A career in KPO can lead to more than data gathering and analysis. Some professionals, for example, move into management and recruiter positions. Individuals who have a gift for leadership and business strategy, for example, might find that they can excel in management roles that allow them to help plan the growth of their KPO companies. Individuals who are talented marketing and sales professionals might want to find positions communicating with clients and branching out into new markets. Regardless of the career in KPO you pursue, plan on starting at an entry level position that allows you to learn the basic practices, standards, and terminology of the industry.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase