How Do I Qualify for Low Interest Credit Cards?

Jim B.

Low interest credit cards allow consumers to make purchases via credit while paying interest rates far below the average amount generally charged by credit card companies. Qualifying for these cards often requires having a high credit rating, which is a score based on the past credit history of the customer. If a customer has a low credit rating, he must take steps to raise the rating in order to qualify for low interest credit cards. This process requires paying off existing debts as quickly as possible to prove to credit card companies the ability to pay them back.

Low interest credit cards are offered to individuals with good credit ratings.
Low interest credit cards are offered to individuals with good credit ratings.

There are very few people who can navigate their myriad purchases without using some form of credit. This can take the form of a personal loan, car financing, or even a mortgage to buy a home. Credit cards allow people to make daily purchases without paying cash. Eventually, those payments must be made to the credit card company, which also charges interest on each purchase. For that reason, consumers who qualify for low interest credit cards can save significant money over time.

Low interest credit cards are issued to those with high credit ratings.
Low interest credit cards are issued to those with high credit ratings.

Credit card companies are essentially lenders, and they take on a degree of risk every time they issue a card. As a result, they will only offer low interest credit cards to those people that they feel will honor their end of the arrangement. The credit card companies assess the risk of default with each customer when they determine their rates, and it makes sense that those people with high income and excellent credit histories are their most desired customers. These are the people who will qualify for low rates.

The main gauge used by credit card ratings when determining who qualifies for low interest credit cards is the credit rating. Each person has a credit rating that measures how well they have paid debts in the past and the amount of debt they can comfortably assume. In general, higher credit ratings will command lower interest rates, and vice versa. Credit ratings can be viewed through secure online sites; these allow both individuals and companies to review the transactions and debts that have contributed to the calculation of the rating as well.

For those who may have poor ratings, there are steps to improve them so that low interest credit cards may be obtained. A person should immediately set about taking care of any outstanding debts, especially those where payments are past due. These overdue debts are the most damaging to credit ratings. In addition, old credit cards should not be canceled out, even if all payments have been made. Canceling credit cards actually can lower a credit rating.

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For anyone going through a divorce, cut up your credit cards immediately. My ex-wife decided to max out our credit cards while we were going through the divorce. Not only did I have to split the debt with her, it ruined my credit because neither us were making payments (I didn't know about it till we were in the settlement phase.)

To this day, five years later, I still can't get low interest credit card rates. My current rate is 17%. I make all of my payments on time, and do all the right things but my credit score must still be bad.


I get credit card offers in the mail all of time that offer a rate between X and Y. Every time I've ever called about these offers, I find out I don't qualify for the low X rate, but they're willing to give me the high Y rate. I've never been able to get a low interest rate credit card.

I’m wondering if *anyone* gets the low rate, or is it just a scam to get us to call them?

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