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How Do I Prepare for a Transcription Test?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Proper organization and planning are two good ways to start to prepare for a transcription test. Having everything you need to both study for and take the test is important. Planning what you need to study in correlation to the test's content is also crucial or you may waste precious studying time only to get a poor mark because you didn't prepare for the right questions or categories. As most transcription tests are conducted online, take time ahead of your planned study to find out everything you can about what will be on the exam. Ask your course instructor for any suggested practice tests or textbook chapters to be sure to include in your preparation.

Contacting your medical, legal or other type of transcription instructor to allow enough time for him or her to answer your questions, as much as possible, about what will be on the exam can be the first step in your study planning. Do go over the test instructions, including the equipment needed, to be sure that you can ask all of your pertinent questions about the transcription test in one email. You shouldn't take up too much of the instructor's or your own time. Finding out about the test's contents can help you create a relevant study plan. Of course, you should also use your own knowledge of what will be on the test and start studying that.

A person transcribing.
A person transcribing.

Do chapter review units included in your textbooks as well as go over your mistakes and corrections on past quizzes or course exams. Make sure you cover all the subjects you've studied in the course or this may cost you needed marks in a whole section of the transcription test. In addition to studying textbooks and course material, don't forget to practice your actual transcription work. It's also smart to work on your keyboarding accuracy and speed each day. Typically, about 80 words per minute (wpm) error-free is considered satisfactory for transcriptionists, but always go by your school's guidelines.

Make sure you're fully aware of all of the rules of the transcription test. Have your work station where you'll be taking the test prepared with everything you'll need. Ensure that you have the correct foot pedal, computer software and any other items you'll need. Tell other members of your household when you'll be taking the transcription exam and make any needed arrangements so that you'll have an uninterrupted test. During the exam, manage your time well. It may be a good strategy to complete your strongest sections first and then do the best you can with the rest of the test.

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    • A person transcribing.
      By: strixcode
      A person transcribing.