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How Do I Plant Maple Seedlings?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Most experts agree that planting maple seedlings should be done when the trees are dormant. The roots of maple trees can also grow to be quite wide, and these trees should not be planted too close to any structures that may be damaged by the fully grown tree. Holes for maple seedlings should also be much wider than the root ball, and the roots should be spread out in the hole. The roots can then be covered with soil, which can be tamped down, and the seedling can also be supported with a wooden stake. Most experts also recommend keeping this soil moist, and some also advise covering it with mulch.

Trees that are dormant have stopped growing for a certain amount of time. In the northern hemisphere, deciduous trees, like the maple tree, typically enter dormancy sometime in the fall. This is the time of year that their leaves change color and fall off. They typically emerge from dormancy sometime in the spring. Maple seedlings should be planted either at the end of fall or the beginning of spring, since this gives the roots time to get established before the hot summer weather.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Although different types of maple trees typically have different fertilization requirements, most maple seedlings require fertile soil. Most maple trees also seem to prefer well-drained soil. Also, most maple trees do best in a sunny or partially sunny location.

Maple trees often grow to be quite large, and maple seedlings should be planted in an area where other structures will not be damaged by the tree as it grows. They should not be planted directly under overhead utility lines, for instance. The root system of these trees will also usually grow to be quite large, and some structures may be damaged by the roots. Maple seedlings should not be planted too close to buildings, sidewalks, or underground utility lines.

To plant a maple seedling, a large hole must firs be dug in the ground. This hole should be wider than the root ball of the seedling. Any large clumps of dirt should be broken up and any rocks should be removed. The roots of the seedling should then be spread out in the hole. Soil can then be used to cover the roots, and it should be firmly tamped down to help hold the seedling in place.

Like many other trees, maple seedlings will sometimes need supported. Wooden stakes can be driven into the ground next to maple seedlings, and the seedlings can then be tied to the stakes. Not only will this help prevent the tree from being blown over by gusts of wind, it will also help the tree grow straight.

The soil around maple seedlings should also be watered after planting. As a general rule, the soil should stay moist, but it should not be soggy. Mulch can be used to hold moisture and heat in.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower