How Do I Keep up with Human Resource Management Trends?

Geri Terzo
Geri Terzo
A human resource manager conducting an interview.
A human resource manager conducting an interview.

The responsibilities of a human resource manager are very likely to change over time. New software solutions can change the way that administration is performed and a growing company's resources could increase the offerings that an HR professional has to work with. This is a field in which employers often support and industry participants have several educational and professional options for keeping up with human resource management trends. Some of these choices include workshops, social media outlets, and subscribing to material published by industry experts.

You can help to keep up with human resource management trends by attending industry seminars and training courses. Certain information providers not only offer instruction about the industry and the role of managers in HR but also provide formal certification for successfully completing the sessions. Educators are likely to address any significant shifts that are emerging in HR management and may provide examples pertaining to how organizations are dealing with industry changes.

Another way to keep up with human resource management trends is to identify the practice areas that are most likely to change. Certain industries face greater regulation than others. As the rules change for companies participating in a given sector, so too are the compliance measures likely to be affected. By keeping up with regulatory standards in the industry for which you work, you may be better able to prepare for new trends that are emerging in human resources. One way to do this is to invest in receiving industry publications and trade magazines that are devoted to addressing the needs of HR executives.

Regulation surrounding health, life, and retirement benefits is also sure to have an impact on human resource management trends. Benefits providers are often proactive in providing marketing and educational material on changing standards in a region. Use these notifications to become involved in a dialogue that could help you to identify different trends. Typically, human resource managers host different benefits providers during an open season before making any changes to relationships with insurance and financial providers. Consider taking advantage of these sessions by asking questions about how third-party providers are responding to the existing market conditions and compare responses to recognize any notable changes or trends.

You can use the Internet to your advantage to keep up with human resource management trends as well. Human resources blogs are often published by industry veterans who are on the pulse of any changing requirements in facets such as compliance or benefits associated with personnel management. Some blogs are interactive, and you might be able to ask the publisher questions about particular topics. Also, you can get a sense of common problems that management professionals in this field are facing and how they are being advised to deal with these challenges.

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    • A human resource manager conducting an interview.
      A human resource manager conducting an interview.