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How do I Install an Above Ground Pool?

Kasey James
Kasey James

You can install an above ground pool within a week and with the help of a few friends. An above ground pool has to have a flat, dry place in the yard. After excavating the land where the pool will be placed, you will have to put the pool wall and framing together and install the pool liner. Then, you will need to hook up the pump system that came with the pool. The last things you will need is water, safe chemicals, and some good friends to enjoy your new swimming pool.

The best place to install an above ground pool is a spot in the yard that is at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from the house or edge of the property. The land has to be a flat, smooth surface. You will have to get rid of any grass or vegetation that is growing by using a shovel to dig out the soil. After digging out the measured spot, many people put down sand to make the surface even smoother.


Once the land is ready, the pool walls and framing can be installed. The pool should come with an instruction manual to install an above ground pool. Follow the manual for your type of pool framing. Most above ground pools come with bracing that will be put up before the walls can go on. It may take a few people to hold up the walls as you fit them into the track on the framing.

The liner includes the bottom and inner sides of the pool. You can install an above ground pool liner by laying it over the entire pool and stretching it so it is as tight as possible. The top frame will usually have clips that hold the liner in place. The liner will take a while to drop down into the pool. You will adjust the liner and the clips to keep it stretched out.

The last thing you will do to install an above ground pool is cut holes in the liner for the skimmer. The pump and filter system should come with your pool. The system will need to be set up close to the pool, as the tubing will run into the skimmer.

Your final step to install an above ground pool is to fill the pool with water. Then, take a water sample to a pool supply store to see which kinds of chemicals your water will need for cleanliness. Once the chemicals are balanced, the water will be safe for swimming. You will soon be ready to invite some friends for your first pool party.

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