How do I Increase Child Support?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Papers about paying child support.
Papers about paying child support.

You may be able to increase your child support simply by asking the other parent to pay more. Depending on how cooperative the other parent is, it may be necessary for you to go to court. If you are receiving your current payments through an order by a child support enforcement agency, you generally must ask to have your case re-evaluated and the agency will determine if you are eligible for an increase.

The manner in which you increase child support depends on the type of agreement you have. If your agreement was reached during civil proceedings that do not involve a child support agency, it may be outlined how and under which circumstances you can demand an increase. Generally, you will have two options.

If you and the parent who is paying child support are on good enough terms, you two may be able to rework the agreement between yourselves. It is best if you ask for a meeting. Decide whether or not you feel it is necessary to have a witness present. If so, communicate this so the other parent also has an opportunity to bring a witness.

When taking this approach, be prepared to justify your request. This may involve presenting proof that you are in need. For example, you may have enrolled your child in an expensive private school. You should be able to present documentation involving the related costs. If you two reach an agreement to increase child support, establish an amount, write down the terms of the new agreement, and both of you should sign it.

A second option to increase child support when your original agreement was not reached through an enforcement agency is to go to court. If you employed the assistance of an attorney to reach the original agreement, it is advisable to utilize her services again. It may be possible for your attorney and the other parent's attorney to settle the matter outside of court.

To increase child support when the amount that you receive is being ordered through an enforcement agency may be a bit more complicated. Usually this involves contacting the office where your case is handled and notifying it that you would like to be awarded more money. The child support agency will then inform the other parent of your request. It may be necessary for both of you to meet at the office where it will be assessed whether or not you are entitled to an increase.

Understand that, generally, certain conditions must apply to increase child support through an enforcement agency. A major determining factor is a change of income for either you or the other parent. The change normally has to be a certain percent higher or lower for an adjustment to be made to your award.

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    • Papers about paying child support.
      By: Hedgehog
      Papers about paying child support.