How do I Grow out Bangs?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

The simple answer to the question of how to grow out bangs is that people should simply let them grow and not cut them. Usually, when people ask this question, they’re really asking how to deal with bangs while they’re growing out. It will take time to grow bangs to the length of the rest of the hair. At most, people can expect about five-six inches (12.7-15.24 cm) of hair growth a year. This may mean people can grow out bangs in a year’s time, if they have fairly short hair, or it may take longer.

A hairstylist cutting a short bob with long bangs that are swept to the side, which is one way to deal with bangs that are growing out.
A hairstylist cutting a short bob with long bangs that are swept to the side, which is one way to deal with bangs that are growing out.

Initially, bangs that are pretty short can be left alone to start growing, but when they reach the eyebrows, and start to get in the eyes, they become problematic. This is the time when people must be inventive. Some people can manage the over the eyes look, but this is uncomfortable for others. There are several ways to sweep the hair back, and a blow dryer and styling products may be helpful, but bangs may want to migrate back to cover the forehead. Strong styling gel or waxes may help affix the hair to the sides of the head, or other options are to use things like bobby pins, clips or headbands to keep the hair out of the eyes.

Some hairdressers suggest that it may be easier to grow out bangs and deal with the awkward stage of growth by parting the hair on the side. This can allow for the bang growth to be swept off the forehead, especially with judicious use of hair product. A clip or barrette can still be used to keep the hair off the face.

As hair gets a little longer, it gets easier to kept it off the face, but the style can be a little awkward. One consideration people have when they grow out bangs is whether they want to keep the remaining hair all one length. If the former bangs are now below the eyes, perhaps at cheekbone length, one option is to have the hair cut with a layer of that length. Longer hair could be styled in a modified “Farrah Fawcett” style, and short hair could have a step or shelf. These help make the bang hair an integral part of the hairstyle, but some people are striving for a single length and don’t watch this option.

Fortunately, as people grow out bangs to cheekbone and longer length, they get easier to disguise in the rest of the hair. Their weight keeps them off the face, and they may be pulled to the side and clipped, or later clipped in the back of the head. A few bobby pins will keep them in place if the rest of the hair is pulled back into ponytails or any type of up-do.

The last tip that may help grow out bangs faster is to remember they must periodically be trimmed. Trimming doesn’t mean removing a lot of the hair, but simply removing dry ends that might damage the hair to the shaft and prevent appropriate growth. It’s recommend people get two to three trims a year to keep the hair healthy and growing.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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