How Do I Go into Commercial Interior Design?

C.B. Fox

There are a few things a person needs to do in order to get into commercial interior design. In most places, a designer needs a four-year degree in interior design and some hands-on training in the field.Afterward, the aspiring designer must take an exam to prove competence in the field before beginning a career as a commercial interior designer.

Woman posing
Woman posing

In most cases, in order to get into commercial interior design, an individual will need to complete a university degree in interior design or a related field. The degree requirements for designers can vary between countries as well as between states and provinces within the same country, so a person hoping to get a job in this field should research the educational requirements. Interior design is usually a broad degree that incorporates commercial and residential design principles, but there will likely be classes available that teach the specifics of commercial design.

After a degree has been obtained or while a student is finishing a degree, it is important for him or her to acquire hands-on experience in commercial interior design. This experience may take the form of a paid or unpaid internship in which the novice designer practices the skills used in this field under the guidance of an experienced designer. It may also take the form of a low-level position in a design company or firm. People who take these types of jobs will need to pay close attention to how the experienced designers perform their jobs because they are not likely to receive much direct instruction.

Once a person has completed the necessary education and worked for a period of time in the industry, the next step is to take and pass an exam. The exam given to designers shows that these professionals have learned the necessary skills and had enough hands-on experience to offer commercial interior design services. In interior design, an exam board similar to that used by educators, healthcare professionals, and lawyers provides unbiased testing for people who wish to become interior designers.

It can take a number of years to become a successful commercial interior designer once education, initial training, and examination are complete. Many people continue to work under more experienced designers for a time while they improve their skills. Building a strong portfolio to show potential clients is essential in order for a person to get into commercial interior design.

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