How Do I Get the Best Human Biology a-Level Results?

Mark Wollacott
Mark Wollacott
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Getting a good human biology A-level result means focusing your studies and getting into a good study routine. It is also important to read widely and outside of your course material. Beyond this, it is a case of good organization, hard work and a willingness to learn from mistakes. All of this does not guarantee a top score, but it does guarantee the best possible score that you are capable of, and if you try your best then, you can feel rightly proud no matter the result.

First, think about the other courses you are taking in conjunction with your human biology A-level. Chances are there are some courses you want to do out of curiosity and interest. This is all well and good, but also think about courses that complement your human biology A-level if you want to focus on human biology at university and beyond. Such complementary courses include biology, chemistry and maths.

The human biology A-level, like other biology A-levels, is divided into six modules. Five of these modules will be taught courses and one of them will be a project. The project will take place at the end of the first year of study. Each module otherwise finishes with an examination paper. Your overall grade will be based on your combined scores.

Take each module one at a time. They are taught this way in class, so you can focus on them in their entirety. Take notes in class and copy them into a study book at night. When doing this, rephrase the sentences to help your brain process the information. If you do not understand a concept, check your textbooks and online research and ask your teacher to help you.

When preparing for each examination, keep calm and do plenty of revision in the weeks leading up to the exam. It helps to also read widely during the module and to read news items relating to your human biology A-level in the news and in science magazines. Prepare a one-sheet summary of the module’s most important points and stop studying in the early evening. This allows you to relax and allows your brain to process the information.

Prepare the project well and take into account all the variables the project will require and which of these variables you can and cannot control. The human biology A-level coursework report should begin with outlining the proposal, then the method, followed by the results and an analysis of these results. Finish with a conclusion, then go back to the beginning and write an introduction.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book