How Do I Get Rid of Lip Hair?

B. Miller

Though most men find shaving to be a perfectly fine option to take care of lip hair, women generally do not find this to be a suitable solution for a number of reasons. The fact that it creates highly noticeable stubble is just one of them. Instead, there are a number of other options for dealing with upper lip hair, from simply bleaching the hair to make it less noticeable, all the way up to expensive laser or electrolysis treatments that can eliminate it permanently. The treatment you choose largely depends on the amount of hair you actually have on the upper lip, as well as the money you are able to spend to deal with it and the sensitivity of your skin to the various treatment options.

Electrolysis permanently destroys hair follicles, but requires multiple treatments.
Electrolysis permanently destroys hair follicles, but requires multiple treatments.

Some of the most common treatments for unwanted lip hair are those that can be done inexpensively at home. This includes bleaching and plucking the hair. For many women who do not have a great deal of lip hair, bleaching it will be sufficient, as it will help the hair to just blend into the skin and become unnoticeable. Others will find that they want to pluck the stray hairs that can still be seen on the upper lip, even after the bleaching process; of course, this involves a certain amount of discomfort.

Many women want to remove the hair completely, however. Depilatory creams are one option, though these are sometimes not recommended for the face because they can cause the hair to grow back in a way that is similar to shaving. Instead, waxing is a popular option to deal with lip hair. This can technically be done at home, but it is generally a good idea to go to the salon and have it done professionally to prevent burns or injuries to the skin, which is pretty easy to do with the delicate skin of the face.

For those who want to get rid of lip hair permanently, and have the funds to do so, laser or electrolysis treatments are a feasible option. Laser treatments are typically the most expensive, but can often get rid of the hair permanently in just one or two sessions. Electrolysis might be slightly less expensive, but might also require a number of sessions. If you are interested in these treatments, it is important to discuss them thoroughly with a dermatologist, not simply an individual who works at a salon and is certified to perform them. Keep in mind that a laser on your face is something that should be done by a doctor.

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