How do I get Privacy Certification?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
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The process required to receive privacy certification depends on the type of certification you are looking to receive. If you have a website you wish to certify as private, then you will typically need to submit your site to review by a privacy company and wait for certification. There are also certain professions in which you may need to seek this type of certification, and you will typically need to follow whatever steps are required of your profession. This type of privacy certification will often include attendance of a seminar or workshop about privacy, and completion of an exam to demonstrate your understanding of certain concepts.

Privacy certification is typically a process by which you, or a website you operate, are certified with regard to how well you understand and work to ensure the privacy and security of others. If you work in certain professions, such as health care, information technology, and private security, then you may need to seek this type of certification personally. Internet websites are often submitted for privacy certification in order to allow the site to demonstrate to potential customers or members that steps have been taken to ensure the privacy of their personal information.

This type of website privacy certification typically involves a secondary company that works to review a website and then issue certification. There are a number of companies and websites that can issue this type of certification, though some are better respected than others. If you wish to certify your website, then you should find such a company and do a bit of research to ensure it is a reputable company. You will typically need to submit certain information about your website and allow the company to perform a review of your site and security precautions prior to certification. The company may also require that you notify customers of what private information is utilized by your site and how that information will be used in order to receive privacy certification.

You may, on the other hand, wish to receive personal privacy certification for yourself depending on the type of work you do. If you work in health care, for example, then you may need to receive certification to demonstrate to employers that you understand how to ensure the privacy of your patients. This type of privacy certification can usually be attained through the attendance and completion of a seminar or workshop. Your employer should be able to help you find such a seminar; if you are not currently employed, then you can often find such a seminar yourself by searching online.

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