How do I get Interior Design Inspiration?

Morgan H.

Interior design can be an intimidating task for the novice, however, more and more people are taking a hands-on approach to customizing their space to their way of living. Interior design inspiration can be easy to find by utilizing resources such as your own surroundings, research into the design world through magazines, books, television and the Internet, and even consulting with a professional. These easy steps can help you feel more confident when making the decisions about how you want to customize your own space.

A home decorated by an interior designer.
A home decorated by an interior designer.

Try to draw interior design inspiration from areas where you are comfortable. You've probably come across a living room that is easy for you to relax in, or a kitchen that makes you feel like a professional chef. When you are out and about, take notice of how different rooms and places make you feel, then try to pinpoint what it is about each room that makes you feel that way. Maybe the fireplace in the corner of the living room makes it feel inviting, or the wide, open work space in the kitchen gives you a sense of potential. Picking out these elements will give you a sense of what you will want to bring to your own rooms.

Consulting with professionals can aid a people in their search for interior design inspiration.
Consulting with professionals can aid a people in their search for interior design inspiration.

Another way to gain interior design inspiration is through research in traditional media. There are a variety of books and magazines published each year that show pictures of beautiful homes, each one of them uniquely designed. Doing research into these design elements can help you communicate what you want when the time comes to make your interior design inspiration into reality. Interior design is also a popular topic for television shows and websites, many giving vivid before and after shots of homes that have been transformed. This can be an effective way to understand which elements are trending in design.

Consulting with professionals can also aid you in your search for interior design inspiration. Look for an interior designer who is certified by national organizations and set up an appointment to talk to them. They typically have professional resources, schooling, and years of experience to help you translate what you want into a physical space. This collaboration may also aid you even if you have an exact idea of what you want. Consulting with a professional interior designer can help you ensure there are no design mistakes made when turning dreams into reality.

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