How do I get Interior Design Ideas?

Summer Banks

Interior design ideas can seem overwhelming at the start of a room design project. There is furniture to be placed, color schemes to choose from, and accessories to complete the look and feel of the room. There are various places to pull interior design ideas from including magazines, storefronts, and the Internet.

A home decorated by an interior designer.
A home decorated by an interior designer.

Interior design magazines often publish the latest and trendiest interior design ideas. When looking through the magazines, tear out the pages showing specific room elements to incorporate in the final room design. This can help bring tangibility to the element.

Some interior design consultants specialize in minimalist yet luxe furniture and accessories.
Some interior design consultants specialize in minimalist yet luxe furniture and accessories.

Personal interior design ideas can be pulled from several different magazines. Retail flyers can also be used to pull specific accessories or room layouts for the final design. By pulling together ideas from different sources yourself, you are essentially using the talents of a paid interior designer in the final room layout without spending the money for that designer.

It is important to remember these interior design magazines will often use expensive fabrics, furniture, and accessories to complete a room. You may be able to use these photos as a starting point, and not necessarily as a final look. Consider how similar but less expensive fabrics and accessories can achieve the same goal.

Storefronts and furniture showrooms are another place to potentially find good interior design ideas. These retail spaces are planned out by professional interior designers in many cases. With complete rooms set up for shoppers, all aspects of the design, including the accessories, are placed perfectly in the room. You can use photos of store displays or window displays in your personal plan.

The Internet is the most commonly used research tool for interior design ideas. Interior design websites, retail websites, and color scheme generators are all tools that can be used to pull together a personal interior room design. The color scheme generator, for instance, will take the main color in the room and provide a full list of complimentary colors.

The interior design ideas may focus more on furniture placement, patterns, and colors rather than specific pieces. When gathering ideas, consider the pieces that are most appealing to you. They can change in color and shape, while keeping the aesthetic feel of the design.

After gathering several different design elements, colors, patterns, and pictures, the pieces can be placed on a large poster board for a more visual representation of the interior design ideas. This can be a great way to see how all the elements fit together, before you start rearranging the room. Once the final room design is decided, the poster board recreation of the room can be used as a checklist for room elements.

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