How do I get an Exercise Science Degree?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois
Woman exercising
Woman exercising

There are four requirements to obtain an exercise science degree: meet the application criteria, select the appropriate school, pay the tuition, and complete the coursework. An exercise science degree is available from a limited number of universities. This type of degree is theory-based, focusing on the connection between activity and health. A research intensive field of study, exercise science is a combination of physiology and sports medicine.

In order to gain acceptance in an exercise science degree program, there are specific application criteria that must be met. Candidates must have successfully completed high school courses in human biology, advanced math, and English. There are two levels of education available in this field: bachelor and graduate. The bachelor's level program allows students to select exercise science as a major or minor while completing a bachelor of science degree.

At the graduate level, students can complete a master's or doctoral degree. Admissions into these programs are based on marks and courses completed at the bachelor's level. Students are advised to talk with professors and admissions counselors about these programs before applying.

When selecting a school for an exercise science degree, it is important to review three main items: reputation, breadth of program offerings, and internship opportunities. A school with an excellent reputation has dedicated significant money, time, and resources to the program over a period of years. Look at the qualifications of the professors, their areas of expertise and research. Review recent publications in related academic magazines and journals to learn more about their philosophies and approach. Read the school website for detailed biographies.

Internship and cooperative job placement opportunities are critical to gaining valuable experience. When selecting a school, this may be the most important item to consider. Exercise science is a research-intense program, and students should be able to join a research project in some capacity by the second year of study.

An exercise science degree is the same tuition as any other bachelor of science degree. Talk to your academic adviser about scholarships, student loans, bursaries, and grants to help reduce this cost. It is important for students to explore career opportunities available after completing a bachelor's degree. This is an important item to consider when selecting a program that is research-intensive. The majority of employment opportunities in this field will require graduate education.

The coursework in an exercise science degree is divided into two streams: theory and application. The theory-based courses include a significant amount of human anatomy, physiology, advanced biology, and physics. The application stream provides courses on human psychology, meeting with research subjects or clients, and behavior modification strategies.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising