How Do I Get a Tax Reimbursement?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud
The yearly income tax form in the U.S.
The yearly income tax form in the U.S.

A tax reimbursement is an amount paid out to a taxed citizen, based on his or her previous year's income tax statement. It is issued if, at the end of a fiscal year, a person's tax liability is less than the taxes paid. This difference is then paid in either direct deposit or check form or may be applied as credit to the next year's income tax.

Income taxes, for most U.S. citizens, are issued throughout the year on paycheck-to-paycheck increments. This sum of money collected by the government is then used to fund many public programs. A big controversy regarding income taxes is the rate at which a citizen is taxed. Many feel that all citizens should be taxed equally using a flat rate; however the current U.S. system carries a higher rate of taxation for those earning higher incomes.

This scaled method of taxing income is controversial. Those making less often feel that the wealthier should sacrifice a higher proportion due to their increased financial resources. Some of those finding themselves on the higher end of the financial scale argue that they are being penalized for their financial success.

Based on the understanding that a tax liability that is less than the taxes paid are the components of getting a tax reimbursement, the best way for someone to ensure that they receive and maximize a refund is to decrease liability and increase the amount of taxes paid. There are a number of steps that a person may take to help this process. An in-depth understanding of the tax code can help.

One way to decrease liability is to keep withholding exemptions to as few as possible. Some commonly overlooked deductions that may increase a person's tax reimbursement are mortgage interest accrued for that year, homestead exemptions, college tuition credit for parents paying for their child's education, and others. The best way to be sure to maximize a refund is to consult with a professional that may help shed light on the many obscure deductible options, which could include things like job hunting expenses, a hybrid credit for those who purchase an environmentally favorable car, or a teacher's credit for classroom supplies. The big picture is that those who do not have the knowledge necessary to maximize a tax reimbursement are best off paying a small fee for electronic software or a qualified service to get the most out of the refund potential.

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    • The yearly income tax form in the U.S.
      By: ejkrouse
      The yearly income tax form in the U.S.