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How Do I Get a Master's in Mining Engineering?

Franklin Jeffrey
Franklin Jeffrey

Obtaining a master's in mining engineering typically requires approximately 30 credit hours at the post-graduate level. Most universities also require a thesis or research project. Applicants to a post-graduate program in mining engineering need to have first obtained their bachelor's degrees. A grade point average of 3.0 or better is required by most colleges for admission to the master's program, but some schools may allow an overall 2.5 if the final two years have been at least 3.0. Students must apply to the graduate program, and acceptance is not guaranteed.

Details of each university's master's in mining engineering program vary. At some universities, students can obtain no more than 40 percent of the necessary credits from 400 level courses, with the balance at level 500 or above. While pursuing his or her master's in mining engineering, a student typically has to keep grades at or above a 3.0 average. Virtually all programs in the US require a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) with the application, and some also request written recommendations from two or three of the student's former teachers.

Several miners working.
Several miners working.

There are two approaches a student may take when obtaining a master's in mining engineering. The first is to locate a university that offers a Master of Science in Mining Engineering. A Master of Mining Engineering degree is also available. Students should base the decision on which degree they pursue on their plans for the future.

For those planning to pursue a doctorate, the Master of Science in Mining Engineering is preferable. This is also the degree path to choose if the student plans to teach or work in research. The Master of Mining Engineering degree is better suited for those seeking a program to assist them in their careers; many graduate programs consider this degree insufficient to justify admission to doctoral programs.

Once the semester begins, the student will use math and science knowledge acquired in baccalaureate studies and learn to apply this knowledge to mining. Candidates for a master's in mining engineering should expect courses in both underground and open pit mining, logistics and refining. Many programs also require courses in mine safety and environmental impact reduction.

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    • Several miners working.
      Several miners working.