How do I get a Graduate Degree in Accounting?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes
A CPA working.
A CPA working.

Over the last few decades the educational requirements for certified public accounts (CPA)s has increased. Currently most organizations require their financial managers and comptrollers to possess a master’s degree in accounting or finance. A graduate degree in accounting is achieved by first completing a bachelor’s degree with a financial emphasis. Once that is obtained, an additional two years of graduate school is required with a focus on advanced accounting classes.

A master’s degree in accounting prepares an individual to practice the profession of public accounting. Once he earns this, he will be ready to perform financial business-related functions for an organization. This degree includes instructional classes in accounting principles and theory, financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, budget control, and tax accounting. This graduate degree in accounting is a requirement for becoming a certified public accountant.

Graduate degrees are considered a higher form of education. These advanced degrees require the completion of six years of specialized education after high school. This type of training is extensive and difficult, which makes it a valued accreditation to obtain.

Within the United States, advanced education degrees are divided into progressive levels of accreditation. Each level typically requires two years of study and training. The college education system is divided into the levels of associate, bachelor, master and doctorate. As a student moves through the levels of progression, he becomes specialized in a specific major of study. The graduate degree in accounting is a master's degree that defines an individual as an expert in accounting principles.

Many studies have shown a direct correlation of advanced degrees to potential earned income. As a student continues his education degree levels, his income potential also increases. A graduate degree in accounting is an advanced degree and typically provides a student with enough training to obtain a senior management role within an organization.

Before a student can begin a graduate program he must first finish his undergraduate, bachelor’s degree. Once that is obtained he must also pass the graduate management admission test (GMAT). This test is used to determine the aptitude of a student for graduate degree study. Each school has a minimum GMAT score requirement, which is similar to the scholastic aptitude test (SAT).

Most graduate degrees require the completion of a dissertation or thesis. A thesis is an original writing by a student on his specific area of study. The graduate degree in accounting requires a thesis on accounting principles. There are multiple areas within accounting that can be defined but the student must choose a thesis topic related to the field of accounting.

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    • A CPA working.
      By: Robert Kneschke
      A CPA working.