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How do I get a GED® Online?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

The General Educational Development (GED®)test is an exam that is designed to serve as an alternative to a high school degree in the United States and Canada. There are six different parts of the test: science, math, social studies, language arts writing I, language arts writing II, and language arts reading. To be eligible to take the GED®, you should not have a high school degree or be enrolled in a high school and you should be over the age of 16. While the actual test cannot be taken online, there are a number of online practice tests and training options that may help to improve your score.

No specific classes or particular training are mandated as prerequisites to administration of the GED®. Many students, however, do find the test to be difficult and will dedicate a significant amount of time prior to taking the test preparing. To pass the exam, an individual must score higher than about 60% of seniors who are graduating from high school. These high school seniors against whom test takers are measured are from a sample set since they are not required to take the GED® test themselves.

Some online GED preparation courses are free of charge.
Some online GED preparation courses are free of charge.

Preparing to take the GED® online begins with finding a training course or tutorial that you would like to use. Students who feel they would benefit from an overview of the exam can find online courses that spend an equal amount of time on each section. Other students may believe that they need to concentrate on a particular section or skill. In these cases, it is also possible to find tutorials or courses that focus on developing proficiency in certain areas.

GED® online preparation courses vary in terms of price and level of difficulty. Individuals who are interested in saving money can find courses that can be taken free of charge. There are also options that may require a small one time fee. Online tutorials that are guided in real time by individual tutors may cost slightly more.

It can be important to check the skill level required before beginning a GED® online training course. A ninth grade level of education is a common prerequisite for understanding the materials presented in GED® training. If you do not have this level of education, it can be helpful to first work with a personal tutor or instructor who can bring you up to speed.

The GED® test cannot be taken online. Part of your GED® online preparation, however, can include finding a nearby testing center. You should be able to choose a date and time for testing that you can fit into your schedule. Plan on spending about seven hours taking the exam.

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    • Some online GED preparation courses are free of charge.
      By: LoloStock
      Some online GED preparation courses are free of charge.