How Do I Get a Bachelor of Theology Degree?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

To obtain a Bachelor of Theology degree, an individual must investigate and apply to theology programs, completing three to five years of coursework. A person may finish the coursework on campus, online or both, depending on the institution. People who follow this path typically do so for the purpose of ordination, although the degree itself is not always sufficient for this depending on the requirements of the student's denomination.

A mortarboard and diploma for a bachelor of theology degree.
A mortarboard and diploma for a bachelor of theology degree.

Getting a Bachelor of Theology degree starts with investigating the academic institutions that offer the degree. Looking at college or university websites, talking to pastors or ministers who have gone through theology programs, requesting promotional materials and visiting the physical campus all are ways to find out what the theology courses and academic atmosphere is like. Students sometimes feel more comfortable seeking a Bachelor of Theology degree in an institution with denominational affiliations, but many colleges and universities offer the degree from a nondenominational perspective. It's best for a student to decide right away if he will limit his searches to facilities linked to a particular denomination.

In looking for a good theology college, a person also has to think about how he wants to complete the degree. Some colleges offer programs that are available on campus, but to accommodate the busy schedules of modern students, some universities have programs students can complete entirely online. Other institutions offer a combination of online and campus classes.

Once a person knows the colleges in which he is interested that offer a Bachelor of Theology degree, he must apply through the admissions offices. This requires submitting an application form, along with other materials such as a personal statement, high school transcripts, letters of recommendation and standardized test scores. Most colleges will send an application form to prospective students upon request, although many colleges now prefer for students to download the form from the institution's website.

Upon acceptance to a theology program, obtaining a Bachelor of Theology degree is simply a matter of signing up for and finishing the courses required by the academic institution. During this time, students can take courses such as Greek, Hebrew, ethics, Biblical history, lands of the Bible, history of hermeneutics, hermeneutics and theology, and Biblical theology. In some schools, the degree is set up in levels, allowing the institution to award early exit certificates based on how many levels the student completes. The bachelor's degree is not awarded unless the student finishes all levels. Most people take three to four years to complete this degree.

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