How Do I Get a Bachelor of Commerce Degree?

YaShekia King

Commerce involves the buying and selling of products in the marketplace. A bachelor of commerce essentially is a college degree that prepares a person to lead businesses to success or to perform labor market research. If you want to get your bachelor of commerce degree, you need to apply to enter a four-year school and take a variety of business-focused classes. In addition, completing economics courses and acquiring practical industry experience via an internship will prepare you to be successful in this field.

A mortarboard and diploma for a bachelor of commerce degree.
A mortarboard and diploma for a bachelor of commerce degree.

An individual who aspires to earn a bachelor of commerce degree needs to be prepared to study for about four years at the post-secondary education level. Requirements to enroll in this type of program include submitting your high school transcript as well as a completed admission form to the school of your choice. You additionally have to provide a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification and your standardized exam scores for the school’s enrollment team.

Business courses provide you with the foundation that you need to enter a career role in this field. For example, you should study entrepreneurship and small business management, which deal with how to create and manage your own business’ operations and finances. Completing a course in marketing during a bachelor of commerce degree program is also valuable because it teaches you how to promote your company’s offerings to different audiences and how to determine what potential customers want from your business.

Economics classes make up an important part of an undergraduate degree program in this subject area as well. One course covers macroeconomics, which refers to how the entire economy performs and allows you to observe factors such as unemployment, interest rates, and inflation. A class in microeconomics teaches you how people and businesses decide prices for products. You also will learn how to allocate and manage resources as you seek to acquire your bachelor of commerce degree.

Your training program might require that you complete an internship before you are able to graduate. The college’s career services office should point you to local companies that might accept an intern who is in the process of completing his or her bachelor of commerce degree program. Internship opportunities are available in areas such as financial planning, business management, or even sales. You also can hone your skills with accounting in a real-world setting if you have chosen to specialize in this area during your four-year degree program in commerce.

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