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How do I get a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree?

Jennifer Fecio McDougall
Jennifer Fecio McDougall

The first step toward getting a bachelor of business administration degree is to find a suitable college and apply for admission. Upon acceptance, you will need to register to begin taking classes. When you have satisfactorily completed the academic requirements, you will earn a bachelor of business administration degree.

Finding a college involves making important choices. A guidance counselor can be a valuable resource to help you begin making a list of possible colleges. If you do not have a guidance counselor, college guides are available at bookstores or online.

A high school guidance counselor could be a valuable resource for students looking to obtain a bachelor of business administration degree.
A high school guidance counselor could be a valuable resource for students looking to obtain a bachelor of business administration degree.

When selecting suitable colleges, some things to consider include: geographic location, school size, tuition costs, and any other factors that are important to you, such as religious affiliation. If you already know you want a degree in business administration then you should look into the school's business department. If there are any other important factors, such as a particular extracurricular activity or academic minor, make sure you keep them in mind as well. After you have narrowed your list down to several colleges, you can submit your applications.

You'll also want to know whether there are any prerequisites to applying. In the US for example, applicants are eligible to apply only if they have a high school diploma or equivalent and standardized test scores from either the SAT or ACT. Each school's requirements to apply however, may vary so it's important to try to determine what they are before applying.

Once your application is accepted, you will need to determine what courses the college requires in order to grant a bachelor of business administration degree. If your college has academic advisors, you will likely meet with an advisor to talk about the requirements for your major and discuss non-major classes and electives. If your college does not have academic advisors, you could talk with a student who is already partway through the program if you have any questions or need advice. Fulfilling the requirements appropriately is an important part of earning a bachelor of business administration degree. At some point during your college career, you will likely be required to take classes in English, science, history, in addition to major classes, such as mathematics, accounting, human resources, and finance.

In the US, if you take the required number of major and elective courses per semester and achieve passing grades, you may graduate with your bachelor of business administration degree in four years. If you entered the program with some academic credits or carry a heavy course load, you may graduate sooner. Conversely, if you fail classes or take a lighter course load, it may take longer. It is advisable to keep track of your grade reports in case there is a discrepancy that would interfere with graduating with your bachelor of business administration degree.

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Comfyshoes-That is something that a lot more people should consider when looking for an online business administration school.

Also, you really have to consider the time that you have available for studying. People often underestimate the amount of studying they have to do because since the online school is so convenient they forget that it requires even more initiative on their part than a traditional class in a regular college setting.

You really have to allow adequate time to view the lectures and make sure there is a way to contact your professor for questions. Some online schools offer forums in which the students can discuss the material with each other and sort of form virtual study groups.

You really want to know the type of support you will receive and give yourself enough time to adequately complete each course. Remember the rule of thumb is for every three credit hours you will probably face about ten hours of homework each week.


Oasis11-Many schools now offer an online business administration degrees.

For example, FIU, Florida International University a state school located in Miami now offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree online.

It is really the only degree that they offer strictly online, but many traditional colleges are now offering this option. It is best to look for traditional colleges and see if they have an online program because usually these schools are accredited which means that your education will be of value because your degree will be recognized by employers.

There are a lot of online business administration schools that are not accredited. You can check a school’s accreditation with the US Dept of Education they will tell you what accreditations are available for each type of school and you can research to see if your prospective school has it.

Keep in mind that it takes a few years to get accredited so if you see ads for a brand new college that you never heard of chances are it is not accredited.


Latte31-If you have a good grade point average after taking all of your required courses then you can apply to the college of business at your university. However, if after completing these courses your grade point average is lower than the standard 2.5 then most likely you will not be admitted.

I just want to add that courses like business calculus and macroeconomics and microeconomics should not be taken during the summer sessions.

These courses are much more intense than the other courses and the summer sessions tend to go really fast making it harder for you to catch up if you do not understand something.

These courses are much better taken during the fall or spring semesters.


In order to qualify for a business administration college or business administration schools you really have to complete your general education requirements within the first two years of attending college.

Then you have to complete some introductory business course and receive an adequate grade point average in order to successfully apply to business school.

Some of these introductory courses include Introduction to Business Statistics, Principles of Management, Principles of Finance, two semesters of accounting, Basic Marketing, and Macro and Microeconomics.

Also, you usually have to take Business Calculus which really measures the profitability of a business. These are usually the first tier business administration courses that you will take.

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    • A high school guidance counselor could be a valuable resource for students looking to obtain a bachelor of business administration degree.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      A high school guidance counselor could be a valuable resource for students looking to obtain a bachelor of business administration degree.