How do I Find Research Opportunities?

Carol Francois

There are four possible sources of research opportunities: private laboratories, universities, hospitals, and government research agencies. Opportunities tend to be focused on science related endeavors. All research jobs require advanced, post secondary eduction, an area of expertise and a well developed hypothesis or theory.

Research opportunities may be posted online.
Research opportunities may be posted online.

Private laboratories have many research opportunities. Look at scientific and technology-based firms for dedicated research and development departments. Any firm that creates new products has research opportunities. Successful candidates will have a specialized background and the skills necessary to contribute to the ongoing work.

Private laboratories have many research opportunities.
Private laboratories have many research opportunities.

Universities have dedicated research departments, with administrative staff working to identify research funding and identify the ideal researcher. All professors are involved in research, as it is part of their job requirements. Research the different professors working in your filed of expertise to determine what their primary focus is.

The best way to identify opportunities is to subscribe to the journals in your area of expertise. Read on the different research projects underway and make contact with the lead researcher to identify research opportunities.

Large hospitals are great locations for specialized research. Look for public announcements in newspapers and presentations at conferences. Many different types of research are also funded by major hospitals. Look into the financial statements to determine the amount of money directed at research activities.

Governments are the funding source for a large portion of research activities. Almost all departments have a research section. Talk to the department managers to find out the types of research that are underway and explore the opportunities available to you.

The best way to find research opportunities is to become a graduate student. Every doctoral student is required to publish a thesis. This is a unique research project. In order to prepare for this task, master's and doctoral students are required to complete a series of research projects.

When looking for research opportunities, look at the international research community. The best way to get involved is to participate in research reviews. Many journals and publications actively solicit submission reviewers. As part of this role, you can gain a unique perspective on the research being completed and the key team members.

Some researchers work in libraries.
Some researchers work in libraries.

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