How do I Find a Criminal Lawyer?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Attorneys are listed in the Yellow Pages.
Attorneys are listed in the Yellow Pages.

If you are looking to find a criminal lawyer immediately and you can access a telephone book, there should be a variety of attorneys in the yellow pages. If you have more time and access to the Internet, you can spend some time reading attorneys' profiles before you contact anyone. It is also a good idea to get referrals from lawyers in other fields, individuals who have had problems like yours, and legal students.

You can always look in the yellow pages if you need to find a criminal lawyer right away. You can narrow down the options if you remember that the bigger the ad in the phone book, the more it generally costs. This means that the biggest law firms, which tend to have the biggest budgets, will have the largest ads. You may want to contact one of these attorneys first. Realize, however, that when you retain a criminal defense attorney from a large law firm, you are likely to pay more but may not get more.

If you know other individuals who have had trouble with the law, you should ask them about any attorneys they used. You may find that several people report a positive outcome after hiring a certain attorney and you may want to contact him to discuss your case. Pay special attention to any experiences you hear regarding legal problems that are similar to yours because it is best to get an attorney who regularly works in the area of law where you are having problems.

Another type of attorney may be able to help you find a criminal lawyer. If you have been dealing with a real estate attorney, for example, it is likely he has numerous associates in the legal industry. Even if he does not personally know a criminal attorney, he may know of individuals with good reputations.

The Internet can drastically enhance your search. One of the benefits of attempting to find a criminal lawyer online is that you can often get a good introduction to the individual before you contact him. Lawyers who market their services online often reveal a great deal about their areas of expertise, their experience, and sometimes their background.

If you know a college student who is in a legal program, you may be able to find a criminal lawyer through her. All college professors do not teach full time. Some are still regularly practicing and you may be able to find one who can help you.

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    • Attorneys are listed in the Yellow Pages.
      By: robynmac
      Attorneys are listed in the Yellow Pages.