How do I File for Road Accident Compensation?

N. Madison

Following an accident, there are a few things you’ll typically need to do to file for road accident compensation. For example, you’ll need to obtain the other driver’s license and insurance information, and if possible, a police report. You may also do well to obtain photographs of the damage caused by the road accident. If you have been injured in an accident, you may need both immediate medical attention and follow-up care. You may also benefit from seeking a consultation with an attorney if you have suffered injuries.

Each driver should contact their insurance company and that of the other driver.
Each driver should contact their insurance company and that of the other driver.

When you’ve been in a road accident, it can be hard to focus on preparing an accident claim. If you’ve been injured, the most important thing to do is seek care for your injures and obtain documentation of the accident. In most cases, you can call police to the scene of the accident and have them create an accident report. The police officer may give you a copy of the report right away or you may have to visit the police department to get a copy. Either way, it is vital to request the other driver’s license number and insurance information before he leaves the scene.

A car that's been in an accident.
A car that's been in an accident.

In addition to information about the other driver, you may do well to take photos of the damage to your car in preparation for filing a road accident compensation claim. You may take photos of the damage to the other driver’s car as well. In fact, if you can take pictures that show the position of the cars at the accident scene, they may prove helpful when you are filing for road accident compensation. If you cannot get photographs of the cars at the scene, however, this should not interfere with your ability to file a road accident compensation claim. In most cases, your auto insurance company will send someone out to inspect the damages, and the police report will provide critical details as well.

After having any injuries treated, your next step following a road accident is contacting your auto insurance company to begin the claims process. Your insurance company will likely ask questions about the accident and request a copy of the police report. It may request copies of any photographs you have as well. If the other driver was at fault, your insurance company will typically seek compensation from his insurance company. If you were at fault, money to repair your car may come from your own insurance company, and you may have to pay a deductible.

If you were injured in a road accident, you may need to see a doctor. You may do well to see a doctor even if you received emergency care and were released. Sometimes injuries are not obvious immediately after a car accident, and some may become worse several days after the accident.

While you may receive help from your insurance company in filing for road accident compensation, you may also find the advice of an attorney helpful. This is particularly true if you have been injured in an accident. An attorney may help you understand the types of compensation you may seek for your injuries. He may also help you if you decide to sue for pain and suffering in addition to the injuries.

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