How do I File a Social Security Claim?

Haven Esme

Social Security is a broad term that is used to describe various financial benefits that a person can receive based on their inability to provide for themselves due to age or disability. In the United States, Social Security benefits are given to residents that are disabled, elderly, sick, or survivors of a dead spouse.

People with certain disabilities may be able to file a Social Security claim.
People with certain disabilities may be able to file a Social Security claim.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Social Security provides a large portion of the retirement income for Americans who are 65 years of age or older. Many people file a Social Security claim as a way to continue meeting their financial obligations after they have retired from their career.

There are two types of Social Security benefits that an individual can apply for – retirement benefits or disability benefits. There are three primary ways that an individual can file a Social Security claim. Those three outlets include a phone, website, or simply by going to a local government office in their state to file a Social Security claim.

Individuals who would rather file a Social Security claim in person should locate a Social Security office by an Internet search, or by looking through the telephone directory under the U.S. Government listings. In major urban cities, individuals will find that there are several Social Security offices within town. Smaller cities may have only one office.

There are certain documents that an individual needs in order to file a Social Security claim. These documents will be used to support and eventually validate a Social Security claim. Individuals who are filing a claim with the Social Security office for retirement benefits will need a birth certificate, Social Security number, and their most recent tax return.

A tax return form is needed to verify a person’s Social Security number as well as the income he or she has earned over the past year. A birth certificate is especially necessary to file a Social Security claim. An individual must be ale to prove that they are natural citizens to file a claim.

After a person has gathered the correct documentation, he or she will need to complete an application. The application may ask various questions about income, age, and other personal financial matters. The application will determine if an individual is eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

Once the Social Security office has the correct documentation, they can determine whether or not a person qualifies for benefits. The Social Security office will also determine how much money they should receive. Getting a decision from the Social Security office normally takes a minimum of one month.

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