How do I File a Corporate Tax Extension?

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The manner in which you can file a corporate tax extension may depend on where you live. Different countries and regions typically have different tax laws and procedures, and you will have to meet the requirements of the particular tax agency that governs your region. In most cases, however, filing a corporate tax extension involves filling out forms, providing a reason for the extension and submitting the form to the tax agency in question. In many places, however, you will also need to send a payment for your estimated taxes. If you do not send a payment by the date on which your taxes would normally be due or your estimated payment is far less than the amount you owe, you may face late fees and other penalties.

Tax return.
Tax return.

When you need to file a corporate tax extension, you will usually have to contact the tax agency with which you will be filing to ask questions. You will need to ask for details about the process of filing a tax extension with the particular agency as well as the deadline by which corporate taxes must be filed. This way, you can file your extension before your taxes are due. If you wait until the deadline has passed, you may still be able to file an extension, but you may face late fees and penalties.

In most places, the tax agency with which you have to file will provide a form or group of forms for filing a corporate tax extension. You may mail the completed forms back to the agency in most cases. Some tax agencies may also allow you to file a corporate tax extension online, however.

You will likely have to calculate the estimated taxes you owe when filing a corporate tax extension. While you may not know exactly how much your business will owe, it is typically in your best interest to carefully calculate an estimate and send the estimated amount to your tax agency before the regular tax payment due date. By doing so, you may avoid late fees and penalties that you would normally face when paying your tax bills late or sending in a smaller-than-required payment.

It is important to note that you may need to file corporate taxes with more than one tax agency. In such a case, you will likely have to contact each agency to learn its unique requirements for filing a corporate tax extension. You may have to submit a separate extension form to each agency, though some jurisdictions may allow you to send a national and regional extension request at the same time.

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I have an extension on my company's house accounting return. does this inc my corp tax return, which I think will be close to zero? Thanks.

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