How Do I Develop Creative Corporate Identity?

G. Wiesen

To develop creative corporate identity, you should consider an overall concept for the identity of your business and create a plan that utilizes that concept in an organic way. An overall concept, visually and thematically, should begin with the name of your company as it relates to the type of products or services you provide. From this name, you can then construct an identity that utilizes color recognition, a logo that reinforces the concept, and an overall aesthetic. You can then develop creative corporate identity by utilizing these various aspects in all of your internal and external materials.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Creative corporate identity is the visual and overall aesthetic identity that your business has, preferably one that is unique and interesting. In order to achieve this type of identity, you should begin by considering a fully realized conceptual theme for your business. This is in regard to the aesthetic elements of your business, not a mission statement or tenets for how you plan to conduct business and build relationships.

Begin to construct your creative corporate identity by first establishing what your business does and how to communicate this as simply and effectively as possible. This should begin with the name of your business, which should indicate something about the type of business you are and the services or products you offer. Serious names are just as effective as humorous names, though they can serve different functions and one may be more appropriate than another depending on your industry. The name should be strong and communicate something positive about your business; the rest of your creative corporate identity is likely to develop from this.

From the name of your business, you can then develop a conceptual aesthetic as part of your creative corporate identity. A logo, for example, is typically one of the most powerful brand identifiers you can have, and the logo should be iconic and support the name of your business. You can achieve this in a number of different ways, though you should consider the use of a professional graphic designer to really make your logo strong and unique.

Once you have a name and logo, you can then develop a larger creative corporate identity through additional considerations. You should consider a unique color scheme, with particular shades of certain colors that become associated with your business. Even minor details like the font or typeface you use and how you place your business name and logo on various documents can all create a unique and powerful creative corporate identity for you and your business. Once you have this identity created, then you should utilize this aesthetic for internal and external documents to reinforce your brand and establish your identity within the larger public marketplace.

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