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How Do I Design a Logo?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To design a logo for business or personal use, you need to create something original that will stand out. Your logo design should reflect your company or purpose and be easily distinguishable among others. Choose one or more colors for your logo that will go well with the design. You should also make a draft or rough copy of your logo on sketch paper to use as a basic guideline. To design a logo that is professional quality, you might want to hire a logo designer.

Invest in a good software program for graphic design and creating logo images. You should also have a variety of fonts to use for your text and lettering. You should be able to download an assortment of fonts online. Some fonts suitable for designing a logo are available for a nominal fee, while others may be free. Take a look at various fonts and try to visualize which would look best with the logo design you have created.


Before you design a logo, consider whether you want something trendy or something traditional. A trendy logo might be eye-catching, but it might not be memorable many years later. For example, using bright rainbow colors for a logo design might be the trend for one year, but think of how it might reflect your product or company in the future.

Along with the basic design for your logo, you also want to consider using a slogan. If the slogan contains more than one or two words, it's probably best to keep your design simple. It's not very effective to have the slogan overpower the design or vice versa.

If you're going to design a logo with a software program, you will need to familiarize yourself with the basics of computer design programs. You can search online for tutorials or experiment on your own. An important part of designing a logo is to experiment with many options. Try various fonts, colors, symbols, and layers to determine which is most striking. Background color is equally important when designing your logo.

If you are not very artistic and cannot draw very well, it's best to use some type of logo-making tool. You can find these tools online, and some of them are free. If you design your logo with an online logo maker, select one that offers various categories to choose from. Such logo making tools offer pre-made logo designs for various industries, such as food, clothing, or pets. After your design is chosen, you will be able to print it on your personal computer, so be sure your printer is ready and stocked with ink.

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