How Do I Create an Exhibition Display?

Tara Barnett

The way in which a person creates an exhibition display depends in part on the type of exhibition the display is for. An art exhibition or one that is open to the public rather than just other businesses may use displays that appeal more to a popular audience, while a trade show exhibition that must be moved frequently may focus more on displaying information in a way that is simple and effective. This type of display must obey the space constraints of the show where it will be used, but other than physical limitations, designing an exhibition display is relatively open. Even so, many businesses choose to work with companies that design exhibition displays professionally, yielding a somewhat standard but effective finished display.

Woman painting
Woman painting

When creating an exhibition display, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the display. For example, when trying to build brand awareness among consumers who may purchase a product directly, a display that grabs a person's attention and may itself be considered a work of art can be the best solution. Among other businesses that are already aware of a company's existence, decorative effects may sometimes be toned down because interest is already established. In either case, an exhibition display should always represent a company and its unique ideals. This may be as simple as displaying a logo and appropriate color scheme or may be as complex as creating a theme display relating to the company, such as knitted banners for a yarn store.

One of the best ways to create an exhibition display is to work with a company that makes this type of presentation for many businesses. These companies may create banners, flags, and other promotional materials that require large-scale printing as well as provide boxes and stands for use at the show. In some cases, a printing company may offer assistance with graphic design, but this is usually covered by a separate artist. This type of standard display may not be the most unique or eye-catching, but it is streamlined for easy transport and can therefore be a good solution for many businesses.

Creating an exhibition display requires forethought and creativity. It is important, for example, to consider how the exhibition display will actually be used and what supplies will be required. If people will congregate around the booth, it may be wise to include a platform or stage of some sort. When the main interaction that will occur in the booth is individual, it is usually a better idea to create sitting spaces where products or ideas will be discussed. This type of forethought is often the difference between an acceptable display and a highly effective brand experience.

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