How do I Clear Pores?

Felicia Dye

Clean pores can drastically affect a person’s appearance by making her skin look healthier and younger. The key to clear pores is a good skin care regimen and good skin care habits. Products you should consider purchasing are facial cleanser, toner, and a deep cleansing mask.

Using an exfoliant can help clean out pores.
Using an exfoliant can help clean out pores.

The first step in getting clear pores is cleaning your skin properly. Without the proper skin care products, this will not be possible. If you have developed skin problems, you should consider getting cleanser from a spa or dermatologist until your problems are solved. These are usually more effective than those purchased in stores.

People often leave some dirt and oil behind when they wash their faces, which can clog pores.
People often leave some dirt and oil behind when they wash their faces, which can clog pores.

Once your skin is in a normal condition, you can purchase your facial cleanser from a general retailer. It is not usually necessary to purchase the most expensive product on the shelf, but you do not want to let price be the primary factor when deciding what you will apply on your skin. If you have oily or combination skin, you need a facial cleanser that dissolves oils to help keep your pores clear.

After you wash your face, use toner. These products are designed to remove remaining impurities from the skin. People often leave some dirt and oil behind when they wash their face. Even if you think you are thorough, there are likely to be spots that you do not wash as well as others. Furthermore, toner also helps remove the residue left by facial cleansers, which can also block pores.

Many people think toners and astringents are the same thing. While some are similar, astringents tend to be harsh and drying. Toner is preferable and should be sufficient if you are consistent with your regimen. If you have sensitive skin, it is almost without question that you should avoid astringent.

Two other products you should consider are a facial exfoliator and a mask. Both of these products can play an important role in helping you get clear pores. Exfoliating is a process of removing layers of dead skin. This not only allows healthier layers of skin to be exposed, but it helps eliminate stubborn material that may not be removed during washing or toning.

A facial mask is a product generally placed on the face after washing. It is left for a certain period of time and then washed off. There are various types of facial masks. When you are trying to get clear pores, you should choose a deep cleansing mask.

Being consistent is also important. Like most things, clear pores will require work. Washing and toning should generally be done twice every day. The use of exfoliators and masks should be limited to one or two times per week.

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