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How do I Choose the Best Zumba® Fitness Videos?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Zumba® fitness videos can allow you to get in shape from home through a dance-based exercise routine. Due to its popularity, there are several videos to choose from, so consider a few important details before you select the best one. For instance, think about the amount of time that you have to devote to your exercise routine, as Zumba® fitness videos tend to range from 20 minutes to over an hour long. You should also think about your general fitness level, as well as your familiarity with this type of dance, before choosing the best video for you. Finally, think about whether you want an overall body workout, or a routine that works on just one or two muscles.

If you are determined to stick to an exercise routine, you will need to make sure that you can fit your workout into your schedule regularly. Think about the time you have available each day to work out, and then choose among the Zumba® fitness videos that meet that timeframe. For example, if you have a lunch break at work that lasts an hour, then a 45-minute video may be best for you. On the other hand, if you have a baby who takes a 30-minute nap everyday, then a video that allows you to get a workout in 20 minutes may be ideal. For those with particularly open schedules, there are Zumba® fitness videos that last over an hour.

Woman wearing a tank top shirt
Woman wearing a tank top shirt

One of the most important details of the video you choose is the fitness level that it is designed for. Think about not only your knowledge of Zumba® in general, but the overall physical shape you are in. If you are new to this type of exercise, and have not worked out in a while, a video made for beginners may be right for you. If, on the other hand, you are new to Zumba® but have been regularly exercising for years, you should likely start with an intermediate video. Note that some videos feature a short workout for each level, allowing you to start with a beginner's workout and gradually become comfortable with the advanced portion of the program as you get used to it.

Most people have one or two body parts that they are most interested in toning up. Consider checking out Zumba® fitness videos that focus on working out those areas, usually by using weights along with the typical cardiovascular moves. If you are just looking to lose weight, however, you might prefer the standard Zumba® video that features a cardiovascular routine and exercises the whole body. You can also buy a few videos that focus on different muscle groups so that you can regularly get a full body workout without getting bored from using the same video everyday.

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Another option is to get a Zumba video game that works with one of the "unconventional" controllers that have become popular over the past few years. For example, there is a controller for the Microsoft Xbox 360/Xbox One called Kinect. It is, essentially, a grouping of video cameras that "sees" movement and translates it into directions for the gaming system.

A Zumba game on one of those systems will "see" the user as he or she is following the instructions in the game and will advise the user if that person is doing the exercises correctly.

Bear in mind that Zumba games aren't limited to the Xbox line (that was merely an example). You've got exercise programs for the Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii lines, too.

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    • Woman wearing a tank top shirt
      Woman wearing a tank top shirt