How Do I Choose the Best Wrinkle Doctor?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore
A woman with wrinkles.
A woman with wrinkles.

Wrinkles are directly linked to heredity, environmental damage, and premature aging. In order to reduce or completely eliminate wrinkles, you might consider seeing a doctor who specializes in their treatment. A wrinkle doctor generally comes in the form of a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Dermatologists usually treat more minor wrinkles, while plastic surgeons are responsible for making dramatic changes to the skin’s structure. Always ensure that your choice of doctor has the proper credentials, including specialized education and certifications.

The particular wrinkle doctor that you choose depends on the type of skin deformations for which you are seeking treatment. Minor age-related wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and laugh lines are usually treated by a dermatologist. One increasingly popular treatment method for wrinkles is through botulinum toxin injections, which usually last for up to six months. Chemical peels are simple dermatological procedures that are commonly used for premature wrinkles, but they are not as effective for deep lines. Dermatologists can also prescribe creams that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or tretinoin for small wrinkles.

Plastic surgeons can help to treat deeper wrinkles that require more dramatic procedures. You might consider this type of wrinkle doctor if you are looking to get a facelift, or want to undergo laser treatment for deep lines. Patients with dramatic premature wrinkles or much older adults are both common types of candidates for plastic surgery. Generally, you do not need surgery if a dermatologist can treat your wrinkles with a less complicated procedure.

Whether you choose a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon as your wrinkle doctor, it is imperative that he or she has the proper credentials to treat your condition. Aside from extensive medical education, the best doctor will have training in your area of interest. Most reputable wrinkle doctors will display relevant certifications in their offices. If possible, you might ask former patients about their experiences with a particular doctor before making your decision. Qualified plastic surgeons will generally request that you come in for a pre-operation appointment before starting any type of procedure.

Although wrinkle treatments are touted as safe, there are risks associated with any dermatological or surgical procedure. Skin irritation and rash are the most common minor symptoms, while infections can be prevalent after any type of surgery. Your risk of side effects is greatly increased depending on the type of wrinkle doctor that you choose. Generally, the most experienced and educated doctors are less likely to damage your skin during a procedure.

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    • A woman with wrinkles.
      A woman with wrinkles.