How do I Choose the Best Wooden Laundry Hamper?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

You may find many options available when you begin shopping for a wooden laundry hamper. The hamper’s size, style, and type of wood are significant factors. Price also may be a major concern for some people.

A laundry basket made using the wicker process.
A laundry basket made using the wicker process.

Determining the type of items you will put in the wooden laundry hamper is important. If you intend to store wet items in it, adequate air circulation will be vital. You may also wish to consider buying a laundry hamper that has a built-in or replaceable liner to protect the wood from rotting or discoloration.

Finding an appropriately sized wooden laundry hamper may affect both function and cost. If you live alone or have minimal amounts of laundry, you may need only a small hamper. Homes with large families may require bigger hampers to accommodate a large volume of laundry. Purchasing a size that suits your needs can save both space and money, as large hampers sometimes cost more than smaller versions.

Some people like to use collapsible wooden laundry hampers. These hampers have a wooden base that holds canvas, mesh, or plastic laundry bags. When the laundry bags are empty you can flatten the hamper for easy storage. A collapsible hamper may be particularly helpful if you have a small bathroom or laundry room.

Wicker laundry hampers are a popular type of home laundry equipment. Although wicker items are sometimes made from synthetic materials, they generally resemble real wood. One benefit of using a wicker laundry hamper is the natural air flow through the woven material. In addition to being functional, many people find the look and feel of wicker appealing.

If you prefer colors to natural wood, you can buy a pre-painted hamper or purchase a plain one to paint yourself. Either option may be desirable if you want the hamper to match your home’s interior design. White wooden laundry hampers are also popular because they can match anything, including the traditionally white washing machines and dryers. Wooden hampers are also available that could match the décor of a child’s bedroom, featuring vibrant colors and common kid themes.

You should be able to find a wooden laundry hamper that fits your budget and style. Wooden hampers with simple designs may be very affordable and good for practical use. High-end, ornate, and deluxe laundry hampers also exist, but they generally have higher prices. The wood may be fancier, and they may have multiple compartments or other added features. If you want a design that is out of your price range, you may consider purchasing a gently used wooden laundry hamper.

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    • A laundry basket made using the wicker process.
      A laundry basket made using the wicker process.